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Statement by Ambassador Zhang Jun in Explanation of Vote on the Adoption of Resolution 2518 on Safety and Security of Peacekeepers

2020-03-30 04:13

China thanks members of the Security Council for their active participation in the consultations on the draft resolution, which reflects the importance they attach to the safety of peacekeepers, and for their spirit of compromise. China hopes that the Security Council will unanimously adopt the resolution on the safety of peacekeepers and send out a positive message in unity. As this will be the first resolution on the safety of peacekeepers adopted by the Council, we believe that it will be of great significance for improving peacekeeping operations and ensuring effectively the safety of peacekeepers.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. The implementation of Secretary-General Guterres' "Action for Peacekeeping" initiative has entered a critical stage, and peacekeeping operations are at a new starting point. At the same time, peacekeeping operations are faced with more complex and dangerous environment and challenges. After all, peacekeeping mandate must be implemented by peacekeepers, and the safety and security of peacekeepers should be treated with greater urgency. This is our shared responsibility.

China promotes the adoption by the Council of the resolution on the safety of peacekeepers in order to forge consensus and urge the international community to scale up input in peacekeeping operations, take practical measures to improve the safety of peacekeepers and enhance capacity building, so that mandates can be better fulfilled, peace-keeping operations can be improved and greater role can be played in resolving hotspot issues by political means. The resolution covers multiple aspects, training, medical care, partnerships, women, technology, among others. We call on all parties to take practical measures to effectively safeguard the safety of peacekeepers. The sooner we act, the better the safety of peacekeepers can be guaranteed and the more hopeful regional peace processes are.

China is a major financial and troop contributor to the UN peacekeeping operations. It is a firm supporter of and participant in UN peacekeeping operations. The six-point commitment made by President Xi Jinping at the 2015 UN Peacekeeping Summit has been followed through. Moving forward, China will continue to adopt a responsible attitude and work with all parties in delivering our commitment to multilateralism and improvement of peacekeeping operations.

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