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Explanation of Vote of Chinese Delegation on Security Council Draft Resolution on Women, Peace and Security

2020-10-30 08:43

We regret to see that the draft resolution on women, peace and security (WPS) has not been adopted. Certain member claims that it attaches importance to the WPS agenda, but its actions do not match the words.

China has been supportive of Russia’s initiative from the very beginning in order to promote a draft resolution in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Res.1325, and inject new impetus to the WPS agenda. We believe this will help reaffirm our commitment to the agenda and galvanize on the positive momentum for better implementation. In this spirit, China has participated in the negotiation constructively, contributing to the improvement of the text and consensus building. If some members have shown the same spirit of unity, constructiveness and flexibility, we could have reached consensus and sent out a positive signal.

Advancing the WPS agenda is an evolving and enriching process. We should remain open-minded and be inclusive to new perspective and elements, put emphasis on solving fundamental problems facing women’s development, in stead of clinging only to existing languages and refusing improvement. In many occasions, developing countries have repeatedly underscored that the WPS agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are interlinked and indivisible from each other. The achievement of sustainable development and economic empowerment of women are key for preventing conflict, sustaining peace and strengthening women’s protection and participation. China has put forward text proposals in this regard which were echoed by some colleagues.

It is our belief that, in consultation and negotiations of the Council, members should respect each other, accommodate each other’s concerns and interest, and find the common ground. This is crucial to the unity and effectiveness of the Council. We hope all Council members could join hands to strengthen unity in advancing the important work of the Council including the WPS agenda. Only in this way, can we maintain the Council’s effectiveness and ability to take actions, and live up to the expectations of Member States and the international community.

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