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Statement by Mr. JIA Yong,Vice president of China Disabled Person's Federation at the General Debate of the Ninth Session of the Conference of the States Parties to the UN Convention (CRPD)

2016-06-07 05:51

Mr. President,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you China's views and practices on the issue of persons with disabilities.

The population of persons with disabilities in China stands at 85million, the largest in the world. The Chinese government pays great attention to improving the life of persons with disabilities and has taken practical measures to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Through the promulgation of Law on the Protection of Disabled Persons, Regulations on the Education of Persons with Disabilities, Regulations on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities, and Regulations on the Construction of a Barrier-Free Environment, China has established legislative safeguards for the enjoyment by disabled persons of their rights to education, employment and participation in social life. Relevant policies in healthcare, education, employment, social security and public services have been adopted to facilitate and support persons with disabilities in the exercise of their rights. The Chinese government is in the process of drafting the 7th National Five-Year Plan for People with Disabilities to incorporate work related to persons with disabilities in our national economic and social development planning. In recent years, the Chinese government has unveiled Opinions on Speeding up the Process of Achieving Moderate Prosperity for People with Disabilities and Opinions on Establishing a Comprehensive System of Living Subsidies for Disabled Persons with Financial Difficulties and Nursing Subsidies for People with Disabilities. We conducted a thorough real name survey in 2015 to get an accurate understanding of the state of basic services provided nationwide to and the needs of the 26.64 million registered persons with disabilities and disabled children who have yet to register. A national database has been set up for the registered persons with disabilities. The basic service requirements of 85 million persons with disabilities have been deduced from the data contained therein. On that basis, the Chinese government is starting to design and implement a series of policies and measures for customized services.


The question of persons with disabilities is important to all of us, regardless of our national conditions and levels of social and economic development. To promote the inclusive development of persons with disabilities, I would like to make three proposals:

First, strengthen protection of the right to development of persons with disabilities. The Convention is both a human rights instrument and a social development document. The rights to survival and development are the most basic rights to which persons with disabilities are entitled. It is important to strengthen economic empowerment of persons with disabilities, and ensure their substantive participation in social development and enjoyment of its benefits.

Second, design and implement targeted policies and measures. It is necessary to intensify the collection and continuous monitoring of disability related data, take targeted actions, prioritize poverty alleviation for persons with disabilities and resolve problems and obstacles affecting their enjoyment of such basic rights as healthcare, education, employment and accessibility.

Third, support the sustainable development of the cause of persons with disabilities. While playing the leading role in addressing the needs of persons with disabilities and assuming the ultimate responsibility, governments should support persons with disabilities and their organizations in extensive participation in decision making, strengthen their capacity building and put international commitments and development policies into effective implementation.

China is ready to enhance exchanges and cooperation with other countries, actively fulfill its due international obligations and work with others in advancing the inclusive development of persons with disabilities throughout the world!

Thank you!

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