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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min at the General Discussion on Items of Human Rights at the 3rd Committee of 69th General Assembly

2014-10-29 22:23


Photo by Niu Xiaolei / Xinhua News Agency

Mr. Chair,

Next year will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN. Over the past 69 years, a lot of progress has been made in the international field of human right. In the meantime, for people of many countries, some basic human rights, such as the rights to subsistence and development, have yet to be ensured. The international endeavor for human rights is still an arduous task. In this connection, China wishes to make the following points:

First, safeguard world peace. The right to life is of paramount importance without which there can be no other rights. Safeguarding peace, preventing war and eliminating violence and conflicts represent the only fundamental guarantee for human rights. All countries should strive to preserve the outcome of the victory of the Second World War and the post-war world order based on the UN Charter so as to prevent a reoccurrence of the tragedy of history; strengthen international cooperation against terrorism so as to eliminate the cancer of terrorism and extremism; and promote inter-civilization and inter-faith dialogue and exchanges so as to remove misunderstanding and misgivings and achieve harmonious co-existence.

Second, promote common development. Realizing the rights to subsistence and development is the top priority for the developing countries in the field of human rights. Civil and political rights on one hand and economic, social and cultural rights as well as the right to development on the other are two sides of one coin. They are equally important and should be accorded equal attention. The international community should seek to promote and protect the human rights in both categories in a balanced way, and in preparing the post-2015 development agenda, set poverty eradication and promotion of development as the core of the new agenda in order to support the efforts of the developing countries to improve people’s livelihood and promote inclusive economic growth and social progress.

Third, respect autonomous choice. Countries differ in terms of value, cultural tradition, political system and level of economic and social development. Governments and peoples of various countries have the right to chose a path of human rights development most suitable to their national conditions and set their own priorities in the field of human rights. Countries should transcend differences in social system and ideology, put aside prejudices, respect the path of development chosen by other countries and show understanding and tolerance toward one another, so as to achieve an international paradigm for human rights development, which will allow different ways and means of human rights protection prosper, just like a garden in which a hundred kinds of flowers can blossom, instead of imposing one’s own human rights concept and model upon others.

Fourth, enhance dialogue and cooperation. Constructive dialogue and cooperation represent the progressive trend and future direction in the field of human rights. Promotion and protection of human rights are forever an on-going process. Countries should, on the basis of equality and mutual respect, enhance dialogue and cooperation, learn from each other, and work together to promote the healthy development of the international cause of human rights. The international community should jointly oppose the politicization of human rights issues and the practice of double standards and reject the wrongful practice of openly exerting pressure or “naming and shaming”.

Mr. Chair,

The Chinese delegation strongly opposes the groundless accusations and attacks against China made by the United States in its statement today. The Statement of United States is completely fabrications and unfounded. It is very ridiculous that the United States keeps critizing other countries, while there are piles of human rights problems unsolved within itself.

The promotion and protection of human rights is an important part of China’s development. It can only be carried out in keeping with our national conditions and the aspirations of our people. Thanks to its tireless efforts, China has embarked upon a path of human rights development with Chinese characteristics and has seen a big leap forward in the development of human rights resulting in effective guarantee for economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights of the Chinese people.

Recently, the 4th plenary session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee adopted “the Decision on Major Issues Concerning the Comprehensive Advancement of the Rule of Law”, which laid out a strategic plan in this field. The Decision demonstrates the great importance China attaches to the comprehensive promotion of the rule of law and will further strengthen the legal basis for the protection of human rights in the country. The Chinese people are now working hard to realize the goal of “two 100 years” and the Chinese Dream. We have every confidence that with the attainment of the above goal, the realization of the Chinese Dream and the implementation of the Decision, the enjoyment of human rights by the Chinese people will be elevated to an unprecedented level.

At last, I’d like to reaffirm that China will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the field of human rights, work together with others to promote the sound development of the international cause of human rights, and contribute to building a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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