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Statement by Counsellor YAO Shaojun at the General Debate on Agenda 67 Report of Human Rights Council at the Third Committee of the 72nd Session of the General Assembly

2017-11-02 11:04

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation wishes to thank Ambassador Maza Martelli, President of the Human Rights Council, for his introduction. We appreciate the efforts made by Ambassador Maza Martelli and other members of the bureau for advancing the work of the Human Rights Council.

As the organ within the UN system bearing the primary responsibility for the promotion and protection of human rights, the Human Rights Council should serve as an effective platform for constructive dialogue and cooperation among all parties. Over the past year, the Human Rights Council has done a lot of useful and commendable work in safeguarding the rights of vulnerable groups, opposing racial discrimination and affirming the contribution of development to the enjoyment of human rights.

At the same time, the Human Rights Council also faces multiple challenges in its work. First, there is a growing tendency of confrontation and politicization. The prevailing practice of naming and shaming, public exertion of pressure, double standards, and confrontation have given rise to resentment and concern of many countries. Second, different types of human rights are not promoted in a balanced manner and the human rights of the most concern to developing countries, namely, economic, social and cultural rights and the right to development are not accorded due attention. Third, some special procedures, going beyond their terms of reference, made irresponsible comments based on unreliable information and refuse to engage in effective communication with the governments of member states. Instead, they are keen to exert pressure publicly. Fourth, the agenda of the meetings is overloaded and the number of meetings keeps increasing, casting serious doubt on the Council’s capacity in time management and on its efficiency. Fifth, some NGOs abuse their consultative status with ECOSOC, make politically motivated malicious attacks against governments of member states in violation of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and in breach of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of member states.

In the view of China, a better conduct of its work and enhancement of its credibility are essential to the maintenance of the authority of the Human Rights Council. We hope that the Human Rights Council pay full attention to the above-mentioned problems, carry out its work according to the mandate given by the General Assembly in a just and objective manner, facilitate dialogue and cooperation among all parties, respect the sovereignty of member states, advance all types of human rights in a balanced manner and improve its efficiency. The Council should also urge the experts of its special procedures to abide by the Code of Conduct for Special Procedures Mandate-holders, and regulate the participation of NGOs in its proceedings, so as to really make itself a platform for countries to engage in exchanges and cooperation in the field of human rights, learn from each other and make common progress. Only in this way can the Human Rights Council make its due contribution to the healthy and sustainable development of the international human rights cause.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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