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Ambassador Zhang Jun Exercises the Right to Reply in Response to the Statement Made by the Representative of the United States at the General Debate of the Third Committee

2021-10-04 17:40

Madam Chair,

The Chinese delegation exercises its right to reply in response to the statement made by the representative of the United States.

The world today is facing numerous challenges, and the wider international community calls for strengthening solidarity and cooperation. However, the US representative moved against the trend. Once again, the US ignored the just call of the UN membership and abused the platform of the Third Committee to attack and smear China, deliberately provoking confrontation and poisoning the atmosphere of the meeting. China firmly opposes and categorically rejects this. China also rejects the unwarranted accusations leveled by Germany.

The US used all manner of trumped-up charges and fabricated lies to level unreasonable accusations against China. The allegation of so-called genocide in Xinjiang is nothing but a lie of the century concocted by the previous US administration. Today, the US side has chosen to inherit this thinly veiled political conspiracy, and continue along this path of “lie diplomacy”. A lie that has been repeated 1,000 times is still a lie. Numerous ironclad facts have shown that the US allegation is totally groundless. It is entirely politically motivated, serving an ulterior motive to destabilize China and hobble China's development.

In fact, what the international community really needs to pay attention to is the exactly the human rights situation in the US. This has been true historically and it remains true today.

The US ostensibly claims to be the defender of democracy and human rights, but in fact, it is the biggest saboteur of democracy and human rights.

If the US truly cares about human rights, it should reflect on its human rights crimes, and face its historical stains, instead of selectively ignoring hundreds of years of blood and tears by American Indians and the exploitation and slavery of African Americans, and attempting to bury its dark past in history.

If the US truly cares about human rights, it should take concrete actions to eliminate the growing racial discrimination in the country, and allow its people to breathe freely, instead of allowing the proliferation of white supremacy, discrimination against people of African descent, anti-Asian hate, Islamophobia and other extremist ideologies which have led to countless tragedies.

If the US truly cares about human rights, it should respect and protect the people's rights to life and health, rather than responding passively to the pandemic and sitting idly by when 700,000 Americans died from COVID-19. The US even went so far as to politicize the pandemic and resort to stigmatization, in order to divert attention from its domestic problems, undercutting global cooperation.

If the US truly cares about human rights, it should stop committing war crimes and allow peace to prevail once again in the world, instead of using a vial of laundry powder and a piece of false intelligence as justification and arbitrarily launching wars, massacring civilians, dropping bombs, and firing bullets on innocent women, children and vulnerable groups, resulting in the destruction of livelihoods and massive displacement.

If the US truly cares about human rights, it should abolish unilateral sanctions and put an end to man-made humanitarian disasters, instead of abusing unilateral sanctions under the guise of democracy and human rights, suppressing foreign companies, undermining international economic and trade relations, harming the interests of developing countries, and violating the basic human rights of those people in a sustained and systematic manner.

If the US truly cares about human rights, it should abandon double standards and selective blindness. Why don't you take a look at the remains of indigenous children in Canadian boarding schools? Why don’t you hold allied soldiers accountable for indiscriminately killing Afghan civilians? Why do you remain silent about the widespread discrimination against and persecution of Muslims in European countries?

Here is the advice for the US and its followers: you’d better put aside your arrogance and bigotry before it's too late, and avoid sliding further down the wrong path, or doubling down on mistakes with intransigence and duplicity.

The world needs dialogue instead of confrontation. Countries should choose cooperation over division. I hope that the US will mend its way, return to the right track of dialogue and cooperation, and actually do something concrete and positive for the promotion and production of human rights.

Thank you, Madam Chair.

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