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Statement by Ms. Wang Hongbo, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Delegation on the UNFPA Executive Director's Address and Item 7 (Evaluatuion) at the First Regular Session 2013 of the UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Executive Board

2013-01-29 06:35

Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation wishes to thank the Executive Director, Dr. Osotimehin for his statement on UNFPA's work in 2012 as well as its areas of focus in 2013. We appreciate the progress achieved by the UNFPA under the leadership of the Executive Director in such areas as improving the evaluation mechanism, promoting the development of adolescents and youth, facilitating family planning, as well as preparing for the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the ICPD beyond 2014. We further support the priorities set out by the Executive Director for the year 2013 and, expecially welcome his commitment on the implementation of the General Assembly resolution on QCPR through the Agency's Strategic Plan.

Mr. President,

UNFPA has made remarkable progress over the years in promoting the realization of the MDGs and the Program of Action of the ICPD. It is hoped that the UNFPA will keep pushing for the ICPD beyond 2014 review and play a leading and central role in re-energizing political support, carrying out follow-up actions based on the gains that have been achieved, fully realizing the goals and purposes of the PoA and securing their incorporation into the Post 2015 global development agenda.

Mr. President,

At a time of rapid population growth, young people face a multitude of challenges in the areas of health,policy involvement, employment and education. Overcoming the problems faced by the young people will have a major impact on population and development in the future and the reproductive health for young people is essential for their long-term healthy development. Therefore, the Chinese delegation supports UNFPA in making support to youth one of its its strategic priorities, through the UNFPA Framework for Action on Adolescents and Youth, in the areas of policy, education, health and services, and participation, and encourage the agency play an active role in promoting the global youth development. We also hope that the UNFPA will continue to strengthen its cooperation and coordination with relevant institutions and government bodies in a joint effort to promote youth development.

Adequate and stable resources are essential for the UN development agencies and programmes, including UNFPA. It is hoped that UNFPA will vigorously push for an increase in the core resource contributions from donor and other development partners, while constantly improving its fundraising modalities and strengthening the partnerships with all relevant parties, including the private sector.

With regard to the themic evaluation of UNFPA support to meteral health, the Chinese delegation welcomes the transprent way adopted in the whole process and hope that UNFPA will study the shortcomings and recommendations as contained in the evaluation report, to constantly improve the oversight and assessment mechanism. While further improving the competence and skills of the office staff of the country representative, we encourage UNFPA to respond to both the short and long term needs of program countries, help program countries to include meternal health in their priority list, ensure full integration of the support of the program countries with their long-term strategies, and continue to play its role as leader and coordinator in this area.

With regard to the revision of the UNFPA's Evaluation Policy, the Chinese Delegation appreciates the open and rebust approach adopted by UNFPA. We hope that UNFPA will, on the basis of its new evaluation policy, make full use of the relevant evaluation results in the interests of improving the strategic implementation, program design and quality of delivery, so that they can produce concrete results in achieving development goals.

Mr. President,

The Chinese Delegation will, as always, support UNFPA on its work in 2013, and continue to make contribution to the core resources. We also look forward to further strengthening the cooperation with UNFPA on the implementation of the China Country Program.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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