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Statement by Minister Counselor WANG Hongbo, Delegate of the People's Republic of China at the 1st Regular Session of the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS on UNDP Evaluation Matters

2013-01-30 00:42

Mr/Madam President,

The Chinese delegation appreciates the four reports submitted under this item, namely, Summary of the Evaluation Report on UNDP's Contribution to Poverty Reduction, Summary of the Evaluation Report on UNDP's Support to Conflict-Affected Countries in the Context of UN Peacekeeping Operations, and the responses to the above reports from UNDP's management.

Being as the number one goal in MDGs, the reduction of poverty is the precondition for the realization of sustainable development in developing countries and it should continue to be an important component and priority of the Post-2015 development agenda. Although the root causes of poverty are complicated and varies across countries, productive capacity, infrastructure, food security, education and other issues are the main factors that hamper poverty reduction and development in many developing countries, especially the least developed countries. As what the Istanbul Declaration and Programme of Action which was adopted in the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries emphasized, any effort on poverty reduction should be based on the alignment with the programme countries' development strategy, focused on the root causes and specific needs of the country and carried out in a holistic approach. Such efforts should also aim at direct actions which can promote economic development while taking into full consideration of promoting social development and environmental sustainable development.

UNDP is the biggest UN development agency and the " UN anti-poverty organization -- a world partnership against poverty and hunger ". When implementing its core function to help the developing countries reduce and eradicate poverty, UNDP should strictly abide by the principle of country ownership and leadership as well as the fundamental characteristics of the operational activities, which is neutrality, multilateralism, and the grant nature. The Chinese delegation urges UNDP, on the basis of carefully studying and analyzing the evaluation reports on poverty reduction, to pay due attention to improving its work, implementing recommendations contained in the reports and providing feedback in this regard. UNDP should also base its work on the realities and needs of world poverty and continuously improve the pertinence and effectiveness of its program planning and implementation to achieve its ultimate contribution to poverty reduction.

Thank you Mr. President.

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