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Statement by Ambassador Wang Yingfan Permanent Representative of China to the UN At the Fifth Committee of the 55th Session of the General Assembly On the Scale of Assessments for the Apportionment of the Expenses of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

2000-10-05 00:00

5 October 2000

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation fully associates itself with the statement made by the distinguished Ambassador of Nigeria on behalf of G77 and China. The fact that new peacekeeping operations continued to be established by the United Nations over the last year demonstrates that peacekeeping operations remain today an important means for the UN to fulfill its responsibility in the maintenance of international peace and security.  The report submitted by the Panel on UN peace operations has generated great interest in the international community and how to further strengthen the peacekeeping capacity of the UN has become a hot topic among member states.

However we cannot but note with regret that peacekeeping operations are faced with increasing financial difficulties, which seriously hamper their normal operation.

At the request of some states, the peacekeeping scale has been included on the agenda of this session. China is not against discussing the issue but we believe that the present peacekeeping scale basically reflects the principle of the capacity to pay.  While the peacekeeping scale of assessment can be appropriately adjusted in light of changed circumstances, the principle of the capacity to pay has to be preserved. The carrying capacity of the developing countries also needs to be fully taken into account to make sure that they will not be burdened.

As a permanent member of the Security Council, China is fully aware of its responsibility with regard to world peace and security. Throughout the years, we have not only earnestly fulfilled our financial obligations to the UN, but also taken up additional surcharge in connection with the peacekeeping assessment in accordance with the relevant resolution. However, any attempts to set floor for permanent members or to drastically increase China's assessment is totally unacceptable to the Chinese Government.

It should be pointed out that payment of assessments is a financial obligation that has to be honored by each and every member state under the Charter. As repeatedly pointed out by many states, the financial difficulties are caused mainly by the large amount of arrears accumulated over the years by a small number of countries and the major contributor in particular. All member states should pay their dues in full, on time and without conditions.  Only then can the United Nations have a sound financial basis and excel in the field of peacekeeping.  Otherwise, all talk about strengthening the role of the UN in peacekeeping would remain mere rhetoric.

Strengthening the UN peacekeeping capacity and promoting a more effective peacekeeping role in the new century are our common aspiration. The adjustment of the UN peacekeeping scale concerns the interests of all states and is a complex and sensitive issue. It has to be resolved on the basis of open consultations among all member states on equal footing. The Chinese delegation would like to embark on a serious and in-depth dialogue and discussion with all parties.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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