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Statement by Mr. FU Daopeng, Counselor of the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations at the First Part of the Resumed session of the Fifth Committee of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly on the Organization of Work

2019-03-11 05:55

Madame Chairperson,

The Chinese delegation would like to thank the bureau, Sharon and the secretariat of the fifth Committee and the ACABQ for their preparatory work for the Fifth Committee during the first part of the resumed 73rd session of the General Assembly. Regarding the organization of work of the current session China supports the statement made by the representative of Palestine on behalf of the G-77 and China and would like to make the following additional remarks.

Firstly, implementation of the UN reform measures is currently underway. However, the financial situation of the organization which allows no room for optimism, is challenging to the United Nations in carrying out its functions and serving as the central platform of global governance. Finance serves as the foundation and an important element underpinning the UN governance. The fifth committee, as mandated by the General Assembly, is in charge of the organization's administrative and budgetary questions. We expect the Committee to play a more positive role and hope that all parties will endeavor in the spirit of unity to ensure the success of the current session through continuous cooperation and consultation.

Secondly, although this session is constrained in time, it has important items on its agenda. The reform of the global service delivery model is an important integral part of the UN management reform. We hope that all parties will continue their political support for the reform efforts of the Secretary General to achieve better cost efficiency and higher quality of administrative service by smoothly adopting the resolution on global service delivery model. We expect to receive more information regarding the standard of accommodation for air travel and hope that the secretariat will strictly abide by the relevant policy on advance purchase to ensure cost effectiveness . On the question of procurement, the secretariat should take practical measures to increase direct procurement from developing countries. With regard to strengthening accountability we hope the nascent Business Transformation and Accountability Division will soon be able to deliver.

Thirdly, timely provision of documents is the foundation of deliberations in the fifth committee. Regrettably, the current session is yet again to grapple with late availability of documents. We hope that the secretariat and the ACABQ will strengthen coordination and try to solve this dragging problem once and for all so that documents can be made available much in advance of deliberations of various agenda items.

The Chinese delegation will continue to join others in the discussion of various agenda items positively and constructively. We are convinced that under your leadership the current session will be concluded on time and with success.

Thank you, Madame Chairperson.

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