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Statement by Counsellor CHENG Lie, Permanent Mission of China to the UN on Agenda Item 139: Program Planning and Item 138: Proposed Program Budget for 2022 at the Main Part of the Fifth Committee During the 76th Session of the General Assembly

2021-10-13 17:44

Mr. Chair,

I thank Secretary-General Guterres for the presentation of the program plan and the proposed program budget for 2022. I also thank the Chairperson of the Committee for Program and Coordination (CPC) for his introduction of the report of the CPC. Our thanks also go to the Chairman of the Advisory Committee, for introducing the Committee's related report. China associates itself with the statement made by Guinea on behalf of G77 and China on agenda items 139 and 138, and would like to make the following comments and recommendations:

First, program plans are concrete manifestation of the mandates from member states. China upholds that the leading role should belong to member states in reviewing the program plans. The CPC serves as the main subsidiary organ of the General Assembly and ECOSOC. In the context of the annual budget on a trial period, the functions of the CPC in programming and planning should only be strengthened, rather than weakened. The evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of programs by member states should be ensured in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of program activities.

Second, finance serves as the foundation and an important element underpinning the UN governance. The program budget should be maintained at a reasonable level with increasing accuracy to the actual needs. Budget allocation should be optimized to ensure that development is prioritized with adequate and sustainable financial resources, in order to support developing countries in promoting better post-pandemic recovery, responding to their actual difficulties and concerns, and achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals at an early date. Budget should be reviewed based on evidence and mandates, rather than arbitrary cut without a good reason. The Secretariat should strictly follow fiscal discipline through implementing comprehensive budgetary performance and internal control. Supervision and management of extra-budgetary resources should also be improved to ensure that the use is transparent, regulated and in line with mandates and rules of the UN.

Third, the program planning and program budget are interlinked, indivisible and closely related to the overall work of the UN. The program plans approved by the GA lay the basis for program budget, and the program budget reflects program plans from the perspective of finance. They commonly ensure that the UN would be able to accurately implement mandates and priorities of member states. Neither of them should be undermined or ignored. The 61st CPC held in June made certain achievements. However, 10 programs are still left without recommendations. China supports the GA in continuing to review the above 10 programs in line with its resolution 75/243. We are of the view that the respective main committee need to play a responsive role, and look forward to necessary facilitation from the Office of President of the GA and the General Committee.

Mr. Chair,

As the second largest contributor to the UN and the largest developing country, China has made remarkable financial contributions to the UN during the past years. We responsively fulfill the financial obligations to the UN with on-time and in-full payments to contributions and assessments. We expect other member states, especially the main contributors, could also pay their dues in time, to support the UN with concrete actions. We also hope Secretariat to improve the representation of developing countries in its staff with concrete measures.

China is ready to constructively participate in consultations with all parties. We will continue to act in the spirit of unity, cooperation and consensus to continue to support the cause of the UN and the work of the Secretary-General with concrete actions.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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