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Statement by Mr. Wen Dong of the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the UN on Agenda Item in Respect of Special Political Missions at the Main Part of the Fifth Committee During the 76th Session of the GA

2021-10-23 10:49

Mr. Chair:

The Chinese delegation thanks the Controller for presenting the report of the Secretary-General on the Special Political Missions (SPMs), and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for introducing the Committee’s related report. China would like to make the following comments and recommendations regarding the budget of SPMs:

Though two SPMs were closed this year, the budget of SPMs, as well as its ratio of the regular budget, are still increasing. It is growing more important to enhance the budgeting of SPMs. The Secretariat should strengthen the SPMs budgeting more scientifically, rationally and accurately, to make sure that it is based on strict implementation of mandate, and enhance the efficiency of resource utilization.

The size of civilian staff of continuing SPMs has been growing. China believes that the number of SPMs posts should be rational and in line with task implementation. China attaches great importance to the recommendations of Advisory Committee regarding the equitable geographical representation of SPMs staff, and calls for the Secretariat to take concrete measures and a detailed review in this regard.

The report of Advisory Committee raises that the impact of COVID-19 on SPMs budget should be taken into full consideration, which is relevant to the discussion of the 5th Committee. China is also concerned with the changes of SPMs support structure, extra-budgetary resources and posts, disposition of assets and budget of some key SPMs which are newly established, in transition or undergoing mandate changes, and will explore further in the consultations.

Regarding UNAMA, power politics, military interventions, the so called “democratic transformation”, hasty and disorderly withdrawal of foreign troops are the root causes of the issue of Afghanistan. The domestic situation in Afghanistan has undergone fundamental changes. The budget of UNAMA submitted by Secretariat was drafted in May and needs to be updated. The Security Council has recently adopted a resolution to extend the mandate of UNAMA. The Fifth Committee should, in accordance with the latest development, adjust the resources and personnel of UNAMA to cope with the mandate and concrete work needs.

On BINUH, the huge aid efforts invested by the international partners and the UN to Haiti have not delivered the expected result. The already dire political, economic, social and humanitarian crises of Haiti are exacerbating. The Secretariat should assess and review the UN's presence in Haiti, which needs to be improved and adjusted in a timely manner. Mandates drive resources. The Fifth Committee should study in depth the resource and personnel of BINUH in line with the Security Council’s most recent resolution extending the mandate of BINUH and considering the Secretary-General’s assessment report.

I reassure you of China's commitment to engage positively and constructively on this important agenda item, with a view to concluding our consultations in a timely and smooth manner.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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