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Statement of the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the UN on Agenda Item in Respect of Special Political Missions at the Main Part of the Fifth Committee During the 77th Session of the GA

2022-10-14 16:35

Mr. Chair,

The Chinese delegation thanks the Controller for presenting the report of the Secretary-General on the Special Political Missions (SPMs), and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for introducing the Committee's related report. China would like to make the following comments and recommendations regarding the budget of SPMs:

The overall budget proposed by Secretary-General for SPMs in 2023 are as much as $767 million, and its proportion against the regular budget is continuously increasing. The importance of budget planning for SPMs is self-evident. The Secretariat should continuously strengthen the SPMs budgeting more scientifically, rationally and accurately, to enhance the efficiency of resource utilization so as to implement the mandate of relevant resolutions in the premise of meeting the requirements of task implementation.

Improving equitable geographical representation is both the requirement of the UN charter and the joint voice of Member States. China attaches importance to the issue of equitable geographical representation of SPMs, and hopes that the Secretariat and SPMs take effective measures to increase the number of staffs, particularly the high-level staffs of the underrepresented countries, and properly address the concerns of relevant Member States. Besides, China is also concerned with the apportions of costs, streamline of SPMs support structure, presentation of budget, special post allowance and will explore further in the consultations.

On UNAMA, China supports the UN in playing an important role in the peacebuidling process of Afghanistan and hopes that UNAMA will work actively in accordance with its mandate. UNAMA accounts for nearly 18% of the total budget of SPMs. The Fifth Committee should, in accordance with the latest development, objectively assess concrete needs of UNAMA for resources and personnel.

On BINUH, the UN has been investing huge aid efforts since the early 1990s without delivering the expected results. Haiti is still facing multiple crises. The Fifth Committee should, in line with the Secretary-General's assessment report and the realities in Haiti and appeals of regional countries, take stock of past experience and lessons, avoid taking on all things and study in depth the financial resource and personnel of BINUH in a result-oriented manner .

On UNSOM, the proportion of its budget against the total budget of SPMs continues to rise over the past few years. The Fifth Committee should prudently review the budget of UNSOM, assess its effectiveness and ensure that UNSOM steadily advances work within its mandate, and improves the efficiency of resource allocation and use.

I reassure you of China's commitment to actively engage on SPMs in a constructive and responsible manner, and look forward to a timely and smooth concluding of this agenda item.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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