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Statement by Ambassador Dai Bing at the Opening of the Main Session of the Fifth Committee of the 78th UN General Assembly

2023-10-02 12:07

Mr. Chair,

I would like to start by congratulating you on assuming the Chairmanship of the Fifth Committee. You can count on China’s full support for your work. We commend the work by members of the Bureau, the ACABQ, and the Secretariat for the preparation for this meeting. China associates itself with the statement by Cuba on behalf of “G77 and China”, and wishes to stress the following:

First, facing the ongoing global challenges, Member States should work together to strengthen the role of the United Nations and adhere to true multilateralism. During last week’s UNGA General Debate and high-level events, world leaders strongly called for rebuilding trust, uniting to address challenges, and promoting global governance. China works tirelessly to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, and firmly upholds the UN-centered international system. We stand ready to work closely with Member States to advance the Global Development Initiative, so as to better implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and jointly deliver a shared future.

Second, finance serves as the foundation of and an important element underpinning the UN governance. To maintain the role of the UN and deliver on their commitment to multilateralism, all Member States must shoulder their responsibilities and fulfill their obligations. One major contributor still has long-time arrears, which is the main cause of the UN’s liquidity crisis. Solving this problem requires addressing both the symptoms and root causes and avoiding reliance on short-term temporary measures. The UN should balance its resource allocation in all the three pillar areas of security, development and human rights, and should effectively enhance the voice of developing countries on UN governance issues. Also, the UN should improve the geographical representation of developing countries in the Secretariat, and properly address the concerns of underrepresented countries with greater efforts and more concrete measures, so as to make global governance more equitable and reasonable.

Third, the UN budget should adhere to the Member States-driven principle. The legitimate interests and aspirations of Member States should be fully reflected in program planning. The function of the CPC is indispensable. And relevant Main Committees should focus on improving the effectiveness and transparency of program planning. Program budget should be maintained at a reasonable level, and sufficient resources should be guaranteed for development as a priority. The Secretariat should improve the management of budgetary performance, enhance cost-saving and efficiency gain, strengthen internal control and budget discipline, and make sure that every penny from Member States is well-managed and well-spent. The Board of Auditors is the most important external auditing body. Fully leveraging its role of independent oversight function will contribute to better financial management and oversight accountability. 

Fourth, China attaches great importance to peacebuilding. We will continue our active engagement in the discussion. Any consensus-based funding mechanism must comply with the current UN budgetary and financial regulations and rules. We are of the view that it is unreasonable and unfair to allow developed countries, who are the major donors, to avoid their financing responsibilities by switching funding sources, while maintaining their control and dominance over Peacebuilding Fund and depriving Member States of their supervisory rights. If we are to use assessed contribution for financing PBF, it is imperative to respect supervisory rights of Member States accordingly. This is a matter of rules and more importantly, a matter of principle.

The Chinese delegation will always constructively participate in the discussion and consultation on various items, and support the Chair’s work. We will work with all parties to ensure the completion of the agenda and the delivery of expected outcomes.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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