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Statement by Counsellor Jiang Hua on the Organization of Work at the First Part of the Resumed Session of the Fifth Committee of the 78th Session of the General Assembly

2024-02-26 17:15

Mr. Chair,

At the outset, I wish to thank you and the members of the Bureau, the ACABQ and the Secretariat of the Fifth Committee for their preparation for the opening of the first resumed session of the Committee. China congratulates Uganda on assuming the chairmanship of the Group of 77, and aligns itself with the statement made by Uganda on behalf of the G77 and China. We also thank Cuba for its tremendous effort during its chairmanship last year. I would like to make the following additional comments:

First, facing various global challenges, the United Nations is playing a greater role as the central platform of global governance. Efficient and sound management in budgeting and human resource is crucial for the UN to deliver its mandate. We look forward to cooperation and coordination among all parties to achieve the expected outcomes in this session.

Second, China attaches great importance to human resource management, and we highly commends the adoption of the first resolution on human resource management in years. This comprehensive resolution provides guidance to the UN Secretariat in the human resource management. We also welcome the extension of this Session to five weeks and hope that we could have in-depth discussions on the implementation of last year's human resources resolution. To achieve equitable geographical representation is on top of our agenda, and we are concerned that the number of unrepresented and under-represented Member States remains high. China expects the Secretariat to take effective, tailored and result-based measures to improve the geographical representation,  increase the representation of developing countries in particular and give priority to those endeavor. 

Third, on the funding of Resident Coordinator system, China has always supported the role of the United Nations Resident Coordinator system in supporting developing countries to address development challenges and accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. China recognizes  the Secretariat's request for stable, predictable and sustainable funding for the RC system.

We are concerned that the funding request is submitted to the Fifth Committee in absence of  agreement among Member States on the reform of the funding model of RC system. This is not consistent with the basic principle of “Mandate first, programme second, and budget last” in the UN budgetary process. Responsibilities of developed countries in providing funding for development should not be shifted to all Member States. We should explore multiple funding options through extensive and patient consultations to accommodate the reasonable needs of the RC system. The United Nations financial situation is currently under growing pressure and constrained by liquidity crisis. Enhanced coordination and effective planning from a holistic approach in dealing with financial challenges is crucial at this difficult time.

Mr. Chair,

China expects to work with all partners and engage constructively in discussions and consultations and will fully support the Chair of the Committee for a successful conclusion of all agenda items. 

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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