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Statement by Mr. CHEN Yuanhang of the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China on Agenda Item in Respect of Special Political Missions at the Main Part of the Fifth Committee During the 78th Session of the GA

2023-10-05 09:50

Mr. Chair,

The Chinese delegation thanks Madame Maria Costa for presenting the Secretary-General’s report on the Special Political Missions (SPMs), and we thank the Vice Chair of the Advisory Committee for introducing the Committee's related report. Regarding the budget of SPMs, China would like to stress the following points:

First, the overall budget proposed by the Secretary-General for SPMs in 2024 is as high as $775 million, and related to nearly 40 missions. As an important part of the UN regular budget, the budget planning for SPMs should be as rational and accurate as possible. And SPMs should continue to enhance the efficiency of resource utilization on the premise of aligning to political resolutions and meeting the requirements of actual operation. We commend the Secretariat for reflecting in a timely manner the budgetary implications of extension or termination of Mission mandates in the format of revised estimates.

Second, improving equitable geographical representation is both the requirement of the UN Charter and the joint voice of Member States. The adoption of the resolution on Human Resources Management in the First Resumed Session this March makes further requirements for equitable geographical representation. China attaches importance to the issue of equitable geographical representation of SPMs, and hopes that the Secretariat and SPMs will take effective measures to increase the number of staff, particularly high-level ones of underrepresented countries.

Third, SPMs should properly manage their relations with the host country. The task of SPMs is to carry out political diplomacy, and their work cannot deviate from the overall direction of political mediation and conflict prevention. In implementing their mandates, SPMs should heed opinions from the host government and relevant parties, seek public understanding and support, and provide constructive assistance to eliminate the trust deficit and promote peace talks and dialogue based on the actual situation and major concerns of the host country.

Forth, regarding the budget of some individual SPMs, we’d like to share the following views: First, the Fifth Committee should objectively assess the actual needs of UNAMA for resources and personnel. UNAMA is the largest special political mission and accounts for more than 17% of the total budget of SPMs. We support UNAMA in working actively to carry out its mandate and focusing on addressing the humanitarian, economic and social development and livelihood challenges. UNAMA should make timely adjustments to the budget according to the staff vacancies, improve the representation of the staff structure, hire more professionals from regional countries, and promote the nationalization of its staff.

Second, it is important to holistically assess UNSOM’s effectiveness of work, which constitutes the basis for budgeting of the Mission. The proposed budget for UNSOM in 2024 increases significantly by nearly $5 million, the largest increase for a single mission, accounting for two-thirds of the total budget increase. When implementing its mandate, UNSOM should improve the rationality of resource allocation and utilization efficiency.

Third, the resource allocation for BINUH should be based on its core mandate, and avoid taking on all things. The Security Council adopted a resolution on Monday authorizing the deployment of a Multinational Security Support Mission to curb gang violence in Haiti. BINUH should focus its resources on the implementation of political and judicial mandates, so as to play its unique role, and avoid duplication of inputs with the Multinational Security Support Mission in curbing gang violence.

Mr. Chair,

I reassure you that China will continue to engage in SPMs discussion in an active, constructive, and responsible manner, and we look forward to a timely and smooth concluding of this agenda item.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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