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Statement by Counselor Ren Yisheng of the Chinese Delegation at the First Part of the Resumed Session of the 5th Committee of the 62nd Session of the GA on Item 128: Strengthening of DPA

2008-03-17 00:00

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation would like to thank Under-Secretaries-General Mr. Lynn Pascoe and Ms. Alicia Bárcena as well as Chairman of the ACABQ, Ms. Susan Mclurg, for their respective introductions of the Secretary-General's report A/62/521 and Corr.1, and ACABQ report A/62/Add.32. The Chinese delegation endorses the statement made by Antigua and Barbuda on behalf of the G77 and China. Regarding the revised budget on the strengthening of DPA, I would like to make the following observations and recommendations:

1. China supports the necessary and rational reform of the UN Secretariat aimed at enhancing management and efficiency.  Management reform should be guided by the principle of consensus and carried out in the step-by-step approach while the General Assembly's power in resources allocation and in human resources policy decisions should not be reduced.

2. China supports the UN's positive role in safeguarding international peace and security in accordance with UN Charter provisions. We believe that while giving full play to the leading role of the Security Council, a reasonable increase of input in the areas of prevention and mediation to strengthen mechanisms and measures such as early warning and fact finding missions would have a positive effect on conflict prevention and resolution. We are also of the view that many international hot spot issues are closely linked to the issue of development and that it is imperative for the UN to strengthen vigorously its development activities and to pay high attention to post-conflict peace building.

3. In recent years, the workload of DPA has been increased in the areas of UN preventive diplomacy, the SG's good offices as well as mediation. We favor adequate strengthening of DPA through restructuring and increase of staff. We have noted that the ACABQ has made quite a few observations and recommendations regarding DPA restructuring and staffing, which include improving DPA's HR strategy rather than simply increasing posts; using an integrated rather than country by country approach in the work of regional organizations; providing adequate information from the SG regarding the establishment of regional offices, while soliciting the views of member states in the regions concerned and explaining how coordination with the peace keeping operations, special envoys, and UN development agencies will be enhanced. Those observations and recommendations of the ACABQ will be helpful to member states in their consideration of this item. We believe that in the process of restructuring regional Divisions, DPA should strive to be streamlined and efficient, and avoid lack of linkage among its Divisions and overstaffing. The establishment of DPA regional offices should be addressed on a case by case basis, in light of the actual needs presented and consent given by the countries in the regions concerned and in accordance with the mandate of the GA and the principle of consensus.

Mr. Chairman, the reform of DPA relates to the strengthening of the UN's ability to carry out good offices, mediation and preventive diplomacy. It also affects the vital interests of member states. It is our hope that all parties concerned will strive for consensus on a fair basis in an earnest spirit of cooperation and flexibility.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. 

* * *

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