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Remarks by Ambassador GENG Shuang at the Security Council Virtual Meeting on Colombia Situation

2020-10-14 04:39

Mr. President,

China welcomes the participation of Foreign Minister Claudia Blum in today's meeting. I thank SRSG Massieu for his briefing.

The Colombia Final Peace Agreement will soon mark its fourth anniversary. Over the past four years, the Colombia peace process has achieved significant progress. The disarmament and reintegration process keeps moving forward, and the peace dividends brings more and more benefit to the Colombian people. Under the efforts of "Peace with Legality" by Colombia Government, sustainable peace is taking root and building up its momentum.

The Colombia peace process sets a good example of conflict resolution with the joint efforts of the international community. The United Nations and the parties concerned have been committed to facilitating peace talks since the early stage, and the Security Council has provided strong support and timely help by deploying the verification mission to monitor the implementation of the peace agreement. Just last month the Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2545 to extend the mandate of the mission for another year, once again showed its relentless support.

At the same time, the SG report and SRSG Massieu's briefing pointed out there are still challenges facing the peace process. The international community and the Security Council should step up its endeavors to help Colombia ensure a comprehensive, effective and sustainable implementation of the peace agreement, and China is fully behind all these efforts. And I would like to emphasize three points.

-It is imperative to improve the security situation. Security is a priority of human rights and a prerequisite of enjoyment of other rights. The SG report notes that violence and crimes are still happening in some areas. We hope that state institution and security presence could be strengthened in high risk areas. The policy on the dismantling of criminal organizations should be finalized and put into implementation in 2021.

-Sustainable reintegration of ex-combatants is key to the peace process. China commends the efforts by Colombia government to relocate former Territorial Areas for Training and Reintegration. There are still over 9,000 ex-combatants living outside the Areas. For them, stronger help is needed to push forward their political, economic, social and educational reintegration.

-Inclusive development should be promoted to eradicate the root causes of conflict. China supports Colombia's strategy to overcome the effects of the pandemic and the five pillars of the strategy. We hope the Colombia government will continue to implement the development programs with a territorial focus, and step up its efforts for equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. Infrastructure development like transportation, irrigation and electricity should be prioritized and strengthened in conflict-affected areas, and basic public services such as education, health care, and housing should be provided to narrow the disparities between urban and rural areas and between different regions.

China supports the work of SRSG Massieu and the Verification Mission. We encourage the Verification Mission and the UN Country Team in Colombia to strengthen coordination and collaboration, and play a bigger role in supporting the Colombia peace process with a synergy effect. China will enhance its cooperation with Colombia through both bilateral and multilateral channels to support the sustainable peace and development in Colombia.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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