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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at Security Council Briefing on Yemen

2021-08-23 13:43

Mr. President,

I thank Assistant Secretary-General Khiari, Under-Secretary-General Griffiths and Executive Director Fore for their respective briefings. I welcome the presence of the Permanent Representative of Yemen to this meeting.

At present, Yemen’s economic and humanitarian crises as well as its political and security challenges have not been alleviated at all. The Yemeni people, in particular the children in Yemen, are still suffering a lot. All parties in Yemen and the international community must step up their efforts to find a way out of the current predicament.

First, a comprehensive ceasefire must be achieved as soon as possible, and the peace process resumed at an early date. There is no political option for the issue of Yemen, and a political solution is the only way out. The Secretary-General recently appointed a new special envoy for Yemen, whom all parties have high expectations of. We hope that Special Envoy Grundberg, upon assumption of his new function, will perform his duties objectively and impartially in accordance with the mandate, fully listen to views of all parties, actively respond to the concerns of the international community, promote the implementation of Council resolutions, and strive to achieve a comprehensive ceasefire at an early date and make progress in dialogue and peace talks. China has always supported the work of the Special Envoy, and looks forward to Mr. Grundberg’s briefing to the Council of his work plan and considerations as soon as possible.

Second, we must give play to the role of regional countries and form synergy to promote peace talks. Recently, countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Oman have continued to engage in mediation efforts, to whom China registers our appreciation. The UN and the regional countries should compare notes in a timely fashion in their good offices, and strengthen coordination and cooperation. Countries with important influence on Yemen should continue to play an active and constructive role to promote mutual trust among all parties to the conflict, and adhere to the general direction of political settlement. China has always actively supported and participated constructively in the Yemeni peace process. When Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited the regional countries in the first half of this year, he put forward a five-point initiative on achieving peace and stability in the Middle East. China is ready to maintain communication and close coordination with all parties on the five-point initiative in a concerted effort to seek peace, build security and promote development in the Middle East.

Third, we must scale up international humanitarian assistance to ease difficulties in Yemen's economy and people's livelihood. The Yemeni people are suffering from multiple distress of war, famine, pandemic and flooding. China notes that the Yemeni Government has taken tailored measures and made active efforts to restore the economy, stabilize the currency and protect people's livelihood. China appreciates and supports these efforts. The international community, especially donors, should honor their commitments and increase assistance and support to Yemen. All parties to the conflict in Yemen should provide safe and unimpeded humanitarian access to ensure that humanitarian aid channels are kept open, and favorable conditions are created for easing the humanitarian situation.

Last but not least, regarding the Safer oil tanker, China once again urges the Houthis to strengthen communication with relevant UN agencies and provide UN technical personnel with cooperation and access as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary economic, humanitarian and marine environmental catastrophe.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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