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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the Arria-Formula Meeting on Threat to Peace and Security caused by Transnational Activities of Terrorist Groups

2022-08-31 22:00

Co-chairs and colleagues,

I thank the UAE and Kenya for the initiative to hold this aria-formula meeting. The presentations by the briefers clearly show us that, at present transnational terrorist activities are constantly on the rise with more diverse methods, making them more difficult to respond to. The briefings also remind us once again that terrorism is the common enemy of mankind, and no country can deal with the threat of terrorism  single-handedly. Adopting double standards on terrorism and even condoning terrorism that undermines the security of other countries will only backfire in the end. Only through the joint efforts of the international community and zero-tolerance for all kinds of terrorism, will effective synergy be formed. I wish to share the following three observations.

First, we should sever the networks for the transnational movement of terrorists. The relevant countries should step up capacity building, border control, and law enforcement cooperation, share intelligence and resources, and make joint efforts to stem the movement of terrorist fighters. Foreign terrorist fighters and their families have long been stranded in the conflict areas, which aggravates the risks of them being radicalized and yet again recruited. Their repatriation should be effectively addressed.

Second, we should pay great attention to transnational terrorist activities in Africa and step up support for African countries. We should, on the basis of respecting the sovereignty of the countries concerned, give full play to the coordination role of regional organizations including the African Union, and better contribute to the African counter-terrorism operations including the G5 Sahel. This morning, the Security Council just adopted a Presidential Statement drafted by China on capacity building in Africa, which emphasizes that the international community should support the African standby force in enhancing peace operation capacity, help African countries strengthen capacity building, share information and experience, and mobilize more resources in order to root out the conditions breeding terrorism and violent extremism. It is hoped that the relevant initiatives will be effectively implemented. China is also ready to contribute to the best of its ability through channels such as the China-UN Peace and Development Trust Fund.

Third, we should pay great attention to new problems, including the abuse of the internet and emerging technologies by terrorists to engage in transnational activities. Actions should be taken on legislative, judicial, and enforcement fronts as a multi-pronged approach to prevent terrorist organizations from abusing such technologies. Governments, the private sector, research institutions, and the civil society should step up coordination. Internet companies should, in particular, fulfill their social responsibilities by cutting off the channels for terrorists to use the internet to publish incitement and recruitment information and plan terrorist attacks.

The Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement is a terrorist organization designated by the 1267 Committee of the Security Council. In recent years, this organization has remained active in Afghanistan, Syria, and other places, colluding with terrorist organizations including among others Al Qaeda and Da’esh, not only expanding its influence locally, but also constantly recruiting, training, and sending terrorists across borders to countries in Central Asia and the Middle East and China to plan and carry out terrorist attacks. China hopes that the international community would jointly combat this continuously active and constantly developing terrorist force and calls upon all countries to strictly implement the Security Council sanction measures on this organization.

Thank you.

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