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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the UN Security Council Meeting on Incident Involving Ryanair Flight FR4978 in Belarus

2022-11-01 11:30

Mr. President,

I thank Mr. Sciacchitano for his briefing.

In May last year, the Security Council discussed the forced landing of the Ryanair flight under “any other business” in consultations. Since then, The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has been responsible for handling this matter in accordance with their division of labor and its responsibility. Today the Council was required by a small number of members to convene this briefing to discuss this incident, whether this was conducive to the solution of the issue, and whether this is an appropriate way for the Council to fulfilling its responsibilities and maintenance of international peace and security. This calls for discussion and consultation. 

Mr. President,

China has taken note that, Belarus submitted their position paper to the 76th session of the GA on July 27, objecting to the final report of ICAO on the forced landing of the Ryanair flight in Belarus. The position paper states that the key information on which the conclusions of the final report were based is false and has not been verified data routes. Further, the information provided by Belarus as the State in question was not reflected in the ICAO fact-finding report.

China maintained that the forced landing of the Ryanair flight in Belarus should be judged and handled in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, international law and international norms, based on facts and evidence, without geopolitical considerations, and without selective approach and double standards.

We also believe that ICAO as the specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for civil aviation affairs, should abide by the purposes and principles of the Chicago Convention and perform its duties strictly according to its mandate. At present, different parties have different views on the ICAO fact-finding report and have concerns about the source and authenticity of some key information in the report. ICAO should exclude interference from political factors, fully listened to the views of relevant parties, undertake to fully grasp past situations, treat the concerns of all parties equally, conduct independent professional and serious analysis, and draw conclusions that can stand the test of time.

Mr. President, 

China has always opposed unilateral sanctions that are not authorized by the Security Council and lack a basis in international law. The unilateral sanctions against Belarusian airlines and restrictions disrupting the normal order of aviation are not conducive to the healthy development of international civil aviation and should be lifted immediately.

Just now, some Council members mentioned the domestic situation in Belarus. I would like to point out that the situation in Belarus is an internal affair of this country, and China has always respected the development path independently chosen by the Belarusian people in accordance with their national conditions, respected the sovereign independence and territorial integrity of Belarus, and resolutely opposed external interference in the internal affairs of Belarus.

I thank you, Mr. President. 

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