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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Geng Shuang on the Security Council Resolution on the Sanctions against Somalia

2022-11-17 18:22

Ms. President, 

China's position on the issue of sanctions is consistent and clear. We believe that the Council should heed the call of African countries, respond positively to their demands, and review and adjust all the sanctions against them in a timely manner. 

At the same time, China has always maintained that exemptions to arms embargo should maintain uniform criteria. The resolution that was put to the vote just now, gives exemptions to the arms embargo on bilateral partners of Somalia. But it is differentiated from other existing Council sanctions regimes. It is inconsistent with the principles of fairness and non-discrimination. And furthermore, there is a lack of effective regulatory measures for the exempted arms and ammunition. This will not only undermine the authority and effectiveness of the Council's sanctions regimes, but may also lead to the proliferation of weapons, and pose a threat to regional security. 

Easing the arms embargo should also go hand in hand with the strengthening of effective regulation. According to report submitted by the Secretariat, the Somali government’s weapon and ammunition management capacity is clearly inadequate, the management of weapons depots is chaotic, none of the ammunition depots have been built, and the professionalism of security forces needs to be improved. According to report of the panel of experts of the sanctions committee, the illegal arms trade and trafficking in Somalia are rampant, with even impunity from the authority for the crime of smuggling. Therefore, Somalia, objectively speaking, is not in a position to ease sanctions. We hope that the Somali government will take measures to effectively enhance its capacity to manage arms and ammunition, and prevent weapons exempted by the Council from falling into the hands of terrorist organizations. 

Given the relevant contents of the restoration do not reflect the reality of the country concerned, and there is a selective approach and double standards on the issue of exemptions to the arms embargo, China just abstained from voting. 

Thank you, President. 

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