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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Geng Shuang on the UN Security Council Resolution on UNITAMS Mandate Renewal

2023-06-02 18:00

Madam President,

The ongoing armed conflict in Sudan has resulted in heavy casualties and a dire humanitarian crisis. The Council has just unanimously adopted the resolution to renew UNITAMS’ mandate and agreed on a press statement demonstrating the common aspiration of the international community to maintain peace and stability in Sudan. I wish to reiterate the following points.

First, cessation of hostilities is the top priority. The parties have reached multiple temporary ceasefire agreements, but military clashes continue. As a good friend of Sudan, China sincerely hopes that the relevant parties will put the interests of the country and the people first, and make every effort to ease the tension and avoid any further escalation. At the same time, the parties should commit to resolving differences through political dialogue, accumulate mutual trust, and create conditions for reaching a more durable ceasefire and political arrangement.

Second, the African Union, the Arab League, IGAD, and other regional organizations and relevant countries have made enormous efforts to promote peace talks. The AUPSC recently adopted the African Union Roadmap for the Resolution of the Conflict in Sudan. The Security Council and relevant international partners should support the efforts of regional parties, and strive to form synergy. China has repeatedly reiterated that the Sudan issue is highly complex, and that a solution can only be found internally. When conducting good offices, the international community should uphold the Sudanese-led and Sudanese-owned principle. Any external pressure and unilateral sanctions will only intensify disagreement and confrontation and hobble diplomatic mediation.

Third, China supports UNITAMS to work on its mandate from the Council, overcome the existing difficulties and challenges, and continue to contribute to restoring stability and alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. At the same time, the UN should maintain communication and coordination with the Sudanese authorities, resolve differences and misunderstandings, earn the understanding and support with the host country, and ensure the smooth performance of UNITAMS’ mandate. In the next six months, the Council should keep abreast of the evolving situation on the ground, fully heed the views of all parties in Sudan, and further consider the work of UNITAMS going forward.

Thank you, Madam President.

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