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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution Extending the Mandate of BINUH

2023-07-14 23:59

Mr. President, 

As we speak, Haiti is deeply mired in multiple political, security, development, and humanitarian crises, and the situation continues to deteriorate. Council members and regional countries have expressed deep concerns over the situation in Haiti, and expect BINUH to better implement its mandate, and the international community and the UN to provide more support and help for Haiti. 

China shares these concerns and aspirations. Thanks to the joint efforts of Council members, China included, the just adopted Resolution 2692 sent a positive signal that the international community will help Haiti find a Haitian-owned, Haitian-led solution and support BINUH to play a greater role in improving the situation in Haiti. 

Mr. President,

The fundamental solution to the crisis in Haiti lies in advancing the political process. The resolution just adopted by the Council calls on parties in Haiti to engage in an inclusive dialogue, reach the broadest possible consensus on the political transition arrangements, and set the timetable and roadmap for holding free, fair and credible elections. We call on all parties and factions in Haiti, as requested by the resolution, to shoulder their responsibilities and advance the political process with a sense of urgency bearing in mind the fundamental interests of the country and its people. 

The most urgent task of resolving the crisis in Haiti is to stabilize the security situation. The massive influx of weapons and ammunition into Haiti from abroad is an important factor fueling Haiti’s gang violence, and no amount of support for the Haitian National Police will make any difference unless the flow is curbed. At China’s repeated request and insistence, the resolution just adopted strongly urges all countries to immediately stop supplying arms and ammunition to Haitian gangs and their supporters and to take all measures to cut arms trafficking and smuggling. We call on members of Council to implement this in earnest, muster political determination and demonstrate political will when considering the renewal of Resolution 2653, and take a formal, legally binding decision,

The effective means of resolving the crisis in Haiti lies in the support of the international community. The resolution just adopted requests the Secretary-General to report on a range of options of support to Haiti available to the United Nations. China supports the UN in providing more assistance to Haiti. Nevertheless, we believe that the key to resolving the Haiti conundrum is in the hands of the Haitian people themselves. The 30-plus years of UN engagement in Haiti have shown that quick fixes implemented from the outside often fail to deliver long-term results and cannot help Haiti truly emerge from the crisis. Before taking the next step, the UN should fully learn from the past, fully listen to the views of all parties, and fully consider the will of the Haitian people.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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