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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Geng Shuang on the UN Security Council Resolution Renewing the Mandate of Haiti Sanctions

2023-10-19 12:05

Mr. President,

In October last year, initiated and strongly called for by China, the Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2653, imposing targeted sanctions on Haitian gangs, translating the common calls to curb gang violence and improve the security situation in Haiti into concrete actions. China appreciates Gabon’s conscientious performance of its duties as Chair of the Sanctions Committee over the past year and acknowledges the work of the Committee and the Panel of Experts. 

Currently, gangs are still rampant in Haiti and the Haitian people are still in misery. Just now, the Security Council has unanimously adopted Resolution 2700, renewing the sanctions regarding Haiti for one year. China welcomes this. Over the recent period of time, multiple Council resolutions on Haiti have all touched upon the issue of sanctions against gangs, testifying to the Council's strong consensus and firm determination to crack down on gangs and mitigate the woes in Haiti. We hope that relevant measures can be implemented concretely and play their role in deterring gang violence, protecting the Haitian people, and restoring peace for Haiti. 

This resolution stresses that all countries should take all necessary measures to prevent illegal flows of small arms and light weapons into Haiti. We hope that all countries, especially regional countries, will take concrete actions to implement the requirements of the resolution and cut off the sources of weapons for gangs. The resolution requires the Sanctions Committee to consider updating the list of designations as soon as possible in view of the Panel’s reports. This should be done without any delay as the reputation and authority of the Council are at stake. One year after the adoption of Resolution 2653, the situation of only one person on the sanctions list must be changed as soon as possible. We urge the Sanctions Committee to speed up its work, meet the requirements of the resolution, and monitor and ensure the comprehensive and effective implementation of the sanctions measures. 

Mr. President, 

Targeted sanctions and security support are only part of the solution to the issue of Haiti. The ultimate solution lies in advancing a Haitian-led and -owned political process. As championed by China, the resolution just adopted once again calls on all parties in Haiti to swiftly reach the broadest possible consensus on arrangements for political transition and formulate a timetable and roadmap for holding free, fair, and credible elections. We call on all parties and groups in Haiti to put aside their selfish interests, live up to their responsibility and commitment, proceed from the fundamental interests of the country and people, act with the highest sense of urgency, and waste no time in conducting political consultations to bridge differences. We support the continued mediation of BINUH, CARICOM, and others, and are willing to work with the international community to help and support the Haitian people in getting out of the crisis at an early date. 

I thank you.

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