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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNMIK

2023-10-23 23:36

Mr. President,

I welcome the presence at today's meeting Her ExcellencyAna Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia, and her elaboration on the position of Serbia. I have listened carefully to the briefing bySpecial Representative Caroline Ziadehand the remarks by Ms. Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu.

China's position on the Kosovo issue is consistent and clear. We support the parties concerned in reaching a mutually acceptable solution to the Kosovo issue within the framework of Security Council resolution 1244through dialogue and consultation. In this process, the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Serbia should be fully respected. There should be no double standards on this important issue. In connection with the briefing we just heard, Iwould like to highlight four points.

First, for some time now, the situation in northern Kosovo continues to be volatile with a high incidence of violent security incidents, which is a cause for deep concern. We oppose the unilateral actions of the Kosovo authorities, which raised tensions and worsened confrontation, and call upon them to return to the right track of dialogue and consultation. The NATO Kosovo force should effectively respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country concerned and genuinely do what is conducive to regional peace and stability.

Second, the unity and mutual trust among the communities in Kosovo have always been fragile. Municipal institutions lacking Serb representation are not conducive to the harmonious coexistence of the various ethnic groups and do not meet the fundamental interests and development needs of the local people. We call upon the Kosovo authorities to take positive measures to reduce ethnic tensions and effectively respect and guarantee the legitimate rights of all communities.

Third, since the beginning of this year, Belgrade and Pristina have held a number of high-level meetings with EU facilitation to discuss a political settlement of the Kosovo issue. We look forward to the early achievement of results from such engagement and discussions. China appreciates the mediation efforts of the EU in this regard. The establishment of the Association/Community of Serb-majority Municipalities is an important component of the Brussels agreement. The Kosovo authorities should effectively fulfill their commitments and implement their obligations as soon as possible and take practical actions in this regard to remove obstacles to the process of dialogue between the two sides.

Fourth, UNMIK plays an important role in stabilizing the situation in Kosovo and promoting national reconciliation. The UN and the Security Council should remain seized of and maintain input on the issue, support UNMIK in fully delivering its mandate and SRSG Ziadeh in her work. The Kosovo authorities should effectively respect and guarantee the security of UNMIK personnel and premises and facilitate the smooth operations of the Mission.

Mr. President, 

Over two decades ago, Kosovo experienced a tragic war. And more than 100 years ago, what happened in the Balkans changed the course of history. We should never allow the tragedy to repeat itself. The world is already in chaos. Kosovo should not add to it. The international community should work together to maintain security and stability in Kosovo and peace and security in the Balkans, and promote strengthen dialogue and engagement between the two communities, their peaceful coexistence, and a political settlement of the relevant issues. China is ready to work with all parties concerned to continue to make efforts and contributions to this end.

I thank you, Mr. President. 

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