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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the UN Security Council Briefing by UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees

2024-05-30 18:00


I thank Mr. Filippo Grandi for his briefing. Under the leadership of the High Commissioner, UNHCR has done tremendous work to alleviate the difficulties facing refugees. China highly appreciates it, and will continue to firmly support the work of UNHCR and the High Commissioner.

At present, the international refugee situation remains grave. The total number of refugees and displaced persons worldwide has exceeded 100 million. Low and medium income countries have hosted three quarters of the world’s refugees and are under heavy social economic pressure.

The international community should practice true multilateralism and give strong support to UNHCR and other multilateral agencies, so that they can coordinate and mobilize resources offered by all parties, pursue active cooperation, and provide necessary protection to refugees in accordance with international law. All parties need to shoulder their respective responsibilities in light of the historical context and current reality of each country. Developed countries should honor their pledges of assistance. And those countries that bear the main responsibility for refugee issues should scale up their assistance and give greater support to refugees and refugee hosting countries.

Armed conflicts are a major driver of refugee flows. Let’s take a look at the world today. Refugee issues in Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and other places are yet to be resolved, while the Ukraine crisis and Gaza conflict have created fresh, extremely urgent refugee problems. The Council should focus on its primary responsibility of maintaining international peace and security and facilitate political solutions to regional hotpot issues. The protection of refugees should follow the principle of neutrality and avoid double standards and politicization. It is important to increase investments in peace-building, accelerate post-war reconstruction in conflict-affected areas, and create conditions for the return of refugees. Unilateral sanctions have long hampered the economic recovery and improvement of livelihoods in the countries concerned and have seriously affected their efforts to resolve the refugee issues. Therefore, these measures must be lifted immediately.


The issue of Palestinian refugees has been dragging on for more than seven decades, with millions of people in protracted displacement. The Gaza conflict, which has lasted for nearly eight months, has claimed the lives of more than 36,000 civilians and plunged millions of people into an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. Achieving a ceasefire and saving lives is the strongest call and the most urgent demand of the international community right now. We urge Israel to implement relevant Council resolutions and ICJ orders, immediately stop its collective punishment of the Palestinian people, halt its attacks against Rafah, lift the blockade of Gaza, open up all land crossings, and ensure adequate and rapid access for humanitarian supplies. China calls on the international community to increase its support for UNRWA.

Africa is the continent with the most concentrated and prominent refugee situation. China highly appreciates the long-standing solidarity and resilience shown by African refugee hosting countries. China calls on UNHCR to maintain its commitment to Africa and to continue its efforts to resolve Africa’s refugees issues.

Thank you, President.

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