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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at Security Council Meeting on UNITAMS

2020-12-08 06:56

Mr. President,

I thank the USGs Madam DiCarlo, Mr. Lacroix, and Mr. Kare for their briefings. Here I'd like to welcome UK Permanent Representative Ambassador Barbara Woodward to her new position and to this meeting.

The last three months has seen important progress in the Sudanese peace process and political transition and the positive momentum maintained in the range of reforms undertaken by the government. On the other hand, economic woes, COVID-19, and widespread floods continue to pose serious challenges to the country's governance and its people's lives. The international community should pay more attention and do more to help Sudan move towards peace and development. In this context, I'd like to underscore the following three points.

First, the peace agreement should be fully implemented. China welcomes the signing of the Juba peace agreement between the transitional government of Sudan and the other parties and commend South Sudan's important contribution to this end. This has been a key step forward in the transition process and an important opportunity for Sudan to achieve comprehensive and lasting peace. China encourages the signatories of the agreement to fulfill their commitments in earnest and push for the full implementation of the peace agreement and calls on the parties that have not yet signed the agreement to join the peace process as soon as possible. China looks forward to all parties working together to achieve the transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding in Sudan. China supports the UN in adjusting the disbursement of the multi-donor Trust Fund to scale up funding for peacebuilding purposes.

Second, addressing socioeconomic challenges should be prioritized. Sudan is faced with a dire economic situation, fuel and other staple commodities in short supply and inflation at record high. The pandemic and the floods have exacerbated the current difficulties, with over a fifth of the population facing food shortages and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. China supports the Sudanese government's economic and financial reforms, welcomes the adoption of the debt relief package by the IMF and the World Bank, and calls on the international community to place high on its agenda the easing of the country's debt burden, increase the investing and humanitarian assistance to Sudan and support its socioeconomic development and capacity building for governance. We also call on the countries concerned to genuinely lift their unilateral coercive measures against Sudan without delay. As the situation in Sudan and Darfur gradually improves, this Council should promptly review the sanctions imposed on Sudan and work out a roadmap for lifting them. China has provided Sudan with multiple shipments of supplies for fighting the pandemic and sent medical teams to the country. And we will continue to do what we can to help the country achieve sustainable development.

Third, an orderly transition from UNAMID to UNITAMS is an imperative. In the 13 years since its deployment, UNAMID has played an important role in promoting the peace process, maintaining stability in Darfur and supporting reconstruction of the region. This is a success story of how the UN and AU can work together to resolve African issues, and this experience should be exhaustively mined for useful lessons to inform future operations as the closure of UNAMID slated for 31 December draws near, it is right and proper for us to pay tribute to all the mission staff who have contributed to the improvement of the situation in Darfur in the past 13 years and who have every reason to be proud of a mission accomplished and that successfully. China looks forward to a smooth handover and an orderly transition between UNAMID and UNITAMS, and we call on the SG to appoint a special representative on Sudan as soon as possible. In performing its duties, UNITAMS should be attentive and receptive to the views of the Sudanese government, act in strict compliance with the resolutions of this Council, focus on its core mandate of supporting the political transition process in Sudan and refrain from interfering in the country's internal affairs. At the same time, it should respond positively to the Sudanese government’s requests, assist Sudan in promoting sustainable development, and mobilize the international community to increase assistance. We know that the advance team of UNITAMS is working on an integrated strategic framework for UNITAMS and other UN agencies on the ground, and hope that UN agencies will work seamlessly together to achieve synergy and avoid duplication, or as it were, stepping on each other’s toes.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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