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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at Security Council Open VTC on Libya

2021-01-28 10:20

Mr. President,

I thank acting SRSG Williams for her briefing and appreciate her tremendous efforts for a political settlement to the question of Libya. I welcome the presence of the Permanent Representative of Libya Ambassador El-Sonni.

With the joint efforts of the international community and UNSMIL, hope is on the horizon for the political process in Libya. With the hard-won positive momentum, we hope that the international community and the parties concerned will seize this opportunity to make as soon as possible peace and development a reality in Libya and its neighboring countries. In this context, I wish to express the following four points.

First, we are heartened to see ceasefire achieved in Libya, which should be observed by all. China highly commends all the parties in Libya for bearing in mind national interests and thus reaching a ceasefire agreement, and for demonstrating the determination in observing ceasefire. The next crucial step is to materialize full implementation of the agreement and early withdrawal of all foreign fighters. China has taken note of and is carefully studying the suggestions on ceasefire monitoring mechanism in the SG’s report. Success of ceasefire implementation depends on the parties to the conflict. Therefore, in establishing such a mechanism, the opinions of the parties concerned must be fully respected, the objectivity and impartiality of the mechanism ensured, and involvement in ceasefire monitoring must be based on adequate mandate, resources and security guarantees.

Second, recent political dialogue in Libya has registered significant achievements, which must be vigorously consolidated and pushed forward. China welcomes the active participation of the parties concerned in the dialogue and commends Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and other countries in the region for a major role they have played. China calls upon all the parties to speedily advance the political process in accordance with the existing roadmap, properly address some critical issues such as the selection of candidates for the executive authority so that the general election can be held on December 24 as scheduled. We welcome the work done by the Advisory Committee of LPDF in forging consensus. We support UNSMIL in lending the necessary assistance to the implementation of the roadmap. When it comes to economic development, Libya is also faced with grave challenges. It is our hope that all parties in Libya will take sustainable development as a priority, while advancing political process and strive to improve people's living conditions and wellbeing through socioeconomic development.

Third, we remain concerned about the sustained threat from terrorism and violent extremism in Libya. Terrorism is a common enemy of mankind. China calls upon the international community to step up coordination and cooperation in a joint effort to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Comprehensive measures, political, economic, judicial and social ones, among others, must be in place, so as to thoroughly eradicate the soil that breeds terrorism and extremism. In so doing, a top priority is to prevent cross-border movement of foreign terrorist fighters and prevent spillover effect and threat to the security and stability of the neighboring countries and the Sahel region.

Fouth, on the question of sanctions, China's position has been consistent. Sanctions are only a means, not an end. Under the current circumstances, arms embargo on Libya must be strictly enforced. At the same time, it is important to prevent a negative impact brought by sanctions in other fields on Libya civilians and third countries and prevent damages to the overall national interests of Libya and the normal life and humanitarian needs of its population. Libya is concerned about losses relating to frozen assets. The Sanctions Committee should speed up its consideration on an appropriate response to the legitimate concern of Libya.

Mr. President,

With Libya's peace process at a critical juncture, joint international support is required to maintain it and move forward. China remains committed to an objective and impartial position and will contribute to early achievement of lasting stability, prosperity and development in Libya.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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