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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on the Humanitarian Issue of Syria

2022-03-24 15:00

Madam President,
I thank Special Envoy Geir Pedersen, Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths, and Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States His Excellency Mr. Hossam Zaki for their briefings.
The small body of the Syrian constitutional committee is holding its seventh round of meetings in Geneva, which China welcomes. Eleven years of war have shown that a Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political process is the only way out of the Syrian crisis. China calls on all parties in Syria to make good use of this hard-won opportunity to exchange views candidly and constructively, enhance mutual trust, and build consensus. Ahead of the session, the co-chairs had reached agreement on improving the working methods of the meeting of the body. China looks forward to the constitutional committee proceeding smoothly with independence and without external interference to achieve positive outcomes. The Syrian political process cannot justify the imposition of unilateral coercive measures.
China commends the Syrian Government for its active governance efforts and for carrying out national reconstruction in multiple areas to address the negative impact of unilateral sanctions on its economy and people's livelihood. Over the past period, the Syrian Government has vigorously advanced the reconciliation, ensured agricultural production, supported the development of SMEs, completed a number of housing projects, and expanded vocational education for youth with positive results. Recently, the Syrian Foreign Minister discussed with the head of UNMAS the issue of clearing landmines remnant from the war. It is our hope that the two sides will strengthen cooperation, continuously improve Syria’s security environment, create conditions for national reconstruction, and promote the early restoration of normal order in the country.
China has followed closely the humanitarian situation in Syria. As USG, Griffiths stressed, the current humanitarian relief efforts should focus on supporting early recovery and reconstruction projects, maintaining the operation of water, electricity, education and medical facilities, and ensuring basic services, which are also the requirements of Security Council Resolution 2585. China opposes attaching political pre-conditions to reconstruction and humanitarian assistance. We welcome the efforts by the Syrian Government, UN agencies and humanitarian partners to continuously increase the scale and frequency of cross-line humanitarian relief operations, and call on relevant parties to give timely approval to applications for these operations and provide convenience to and ensure the safety and security of humanitarian relief teams. I would also like to stress that Syria’s oil resources belong to the Syrian people, and that troops with illegal presence in Syria should immediately stop the acts of stealing and smuggling oil.
Madam President,
China commands the UAE for inviting His Excellency Mr. Zaki, ASG of the League of Arab States, to give a briefing, which is an embodiment of enhanced communication and cooperation between the United Nations and the League of Arab States. Syria is a founding member of the Arab League and an important member of the Arab world. Syria’s return to the big family of the League of Arab States will help forge synergy for promoting regional peace and facilitate the early settlement of the Syrian issue. It is China's hope that more and more Arab countries will resume dialogue, engagement and cooperation with Syria. China will continue to support Arab countries in seeking strength through unity within the framework of the League of Arab States.
Thank you, Madam President.

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