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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNITAMS

2022-05-24 22:00

Madam President, 

China thanks Special Representative Perthes for his briefing. We welcome the new Permanent Representative of Sudan for his assumption of the position and participation in today’s meeting.

During the reporting period, all parties in Sudan, together with the UN-AU-IGAD trilateral mechanism, continued the dialogue on political transition. At present, the parties in Sudan have shown their willingness to continue with the political transition and complete all tasks during the transition period. At the same time, there are clear divergences on specific issues. The parties in Sudan should keep in mind the big picture, and pursue dialogue and consultation to address differences and consolidated consensus. Addressing these differences is a process, and international community should have the necessary patience, continue to uphold the Sudanese-owned and Sudanese-led principle, fully consider the realities in Sudan, provide constructive help to the parties in the country, and should avoid exerting too much pressure, picking sides, or intensifying the differences.

The security situation in the Darfur region has become more dire with multiple inter-communal conflicts, casualties, and displacement of civilians. The Sovereign Council in Sudan took swift measures as a response, stabilized the local situation, and provided humanitarian assistance. Thanks to the efforts of the Sudanese Government, the Juba peace agreement continues to be implemented in orderly manner. The permanent ceasefire committees are under normal operation, and the work of the joint security forces have scored progress, which have created positive conditions for improving the security situation in the Darfur region. The Security Council sanctions have severely hindered the security capacity building of the Sudanese Government. China hopes that the Council Resolution 2620 is implemented in earnest, and clear benchmarks on changing the sanctions regime are created before August 31.

The economic situation in Sudan continues to worsen. There is a serious inflation, disruptions of water and electricity supply, and shortage in other basic supplies. The economy and people’s livelihood are the root cause of the many challenges faced by Sudan. The implementation of the Juba peace agreement lacks financial support. Inter-communal conflicts in the Darfur region are triggered by competition over resources. The instability of the political situation, to a large extent, is because of the issue of livelihood. When the Sudanese people need the help the most, some countries and international organizations have suspended their international assistance. This obviously would not help Sudan get out of the current plight. Sudan also faces a serious threat from the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 7% of its people are fully vaccinated. China has always shown solidarity with the country. We are the first country to send an anti-COVID medical expert team to Sudan, and also the first country to provide vaccine assistance to Sudan via bilateral channel. We have already provided to the country a total of 23 batches of vaccines and anti-COVID supplies, and will continue to provide assistance to the best of our capacity.

UNITAMS and Special Representative Perthes focused on the political transition and carried out extensive work. We hope that that the Special Representative will strengthen communication and coordination with the EU and IGAD as the next step to give full play to the role of the trilateral mechanism. As the economy in Sudan continues to worsen, China hopes that UNITAMS will fully implement its mandate to mobilize international assistance to Sudan. The Permanent Mission of Sudan, in its communication to the Council dated April 18, provided a matrix of specific areas and items where UNITAMS can provide assistance to the country. UNITAMS  should, based on its mandate given by the Council, adjust its priorities in its work based on the reality on the ground to better respond to the need of Sudan.

Thank you, Madam President.

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