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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on MINUSCA

2022-06-22 21:40

Madam President, 

I thank Special Representative Ms. Valentine Rugwabiza for her first briefing to the Council. I also listened attentively to the statement by Ms. Ekomo Lina.

At present, the political and security situation in the Central African Republic is improving. Its government is committed to national development and reconstruction. In March this year, It convened the Republican Dialogue, where all parties focused on peace and security, democracy and rule of law, economy, social development, and foreign policy, and proposed over 200 suggestions, making it a major milestone in the CAR peace process. All parties should take the opportunity of the dialogue to implement the outcomes, and consolidate the foundation of peace and development. China welcomes the CAR Government’s holding of the strategic review meeting of their political process together with regional countries. We support regional organizations’ efforts to facilitate the implementation of the roadmap based on the actual needs of the CAR, and promote the development of political process in the right direction. 

The CAR maintains a stable situation overall, but armed groups are active in some areas, threatening both regional stability and civilian security. MINUSCA should actively discharge its mandate, and help the CAR Government address risks and protect civilians. At the same time. MINUSCA cannot be deployed indefinitely. So helping the CAR’s security capacity building is the fundamental approach to address the root causes. There is a need to respect the CAR Government’s right to conduct external security cooperation on its own. Right now, the CAR is gradually starting post-conflict reconstruction. MINUSCA, when discharging its mandate, needs to focus on helping the CAR Government restore state authority, improving security institutional building, supporting the DDR programs, and promoting local development, among others, so as to increase the public sense of gains and eradicate the root causes of the conflict. 

The economy and livelihood are major factors for the peace and stability of the country. Recently, the CAR is faced with more serious financial difficulties. There is a shortage of crude oil and water and electricity supply. The prices of imported goods are high. And there is a serious problem of food security. These have led to serious consequences in people’s lives and the implementation of MINUSCA’s mandate. Some countries and international organizations should resume financial aid to the CAR as soon as possible, and ensure adequate humanitarian funding to ease the humanitarian situation in the country. There is a need to invest more in food security, infrastructure, education, health, vocational training, and other areas to help the CAR eradicate poverty, improve livelihood, and turn their energy potential advantages into development advantages while eliminating the root causes of conflicts. 

Madam President, 

China thanks Special Representative Ndiaye for his contribution to the peace and stability in the CAR over the past three years, and welcomes Ambassador Rugwabiza for her new role as the Special Representative for the CAR. Since assuming the role, she has been facilitating communication between MINUSCA and the CAR Government. The CAR Ministry of Foreign Affairs also established a coordinating mechanism with MINUSCA. Better communication between the Mission and its host country helps the Mission have a conducive environment to discharge its mandate. We hope that SRSG Rugwabiza will continue to listen to the opinions of the host country, focus on the core mandate assigned by the Council, improve the peacekeeping operations’ efficiency, and contribute to the peace and stability in the CAR. China will continue to support your work. 

In closing, I would like to reiterate China’s position on lifting of the arms embargo on the CAR. The foreign minister of the CAR, Madam Sylvie Baïpo-Temon, in her letter to the President of the Council on June 8, points out that the arms embargo has a significant impact on the maintenance of national security of the CAR, and emphasizes that her government has made great efforts in implementing Council resolutions and facilitating the lifting of the arms embargo. China hopes that the Council listens to the appeal of the CAR, and lifts the embargo at an early date, so as to provide support to the CAR in addressing security challenges and maintaining national stability. 

Thank you, Madam President. 

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