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Ambassador Dai Bing, Charge d’affaires a.i. of the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations, Exercises the Right to Reply in Response to the Statement Made by the Representative of the United States in the General Discussion of Item 68 Human Rights at the Third Committee of General Assembly at its seventy-seven session

2022-10-21 00:09

Mr. Chair,

The Chinese Delegation exercises its right of reply in response to the statement made by the US representative. 

In the national statement yesterday, China gave a detailed account of our historic achievements in the development of human rights and our contribution to the international human rights cause. We also elaborated on our position on issues related to China’s Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. Regrettably, the US and a few other countries have turned a deaf ear and persisted in their baseless accusations and malicious smears against China. China firmly opposes and categorically rejects this.

Facts have shown time and again that, what the US and a few other Western countries really care about is not human rights in China, but rather, interference in China's internal affairs under the pretext of human rights in an attempt to create chaos in China and maintain their own hegemony.

They reject truth and facts. In recent years, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China has invited more than 2,000 diplomats, officials of international organizations, journalists and religious figures from over 100 countries to Xinjiang with hundreds of press conferences held. However, the US and a few countries have rejected the invitation. As a western proverb goes, you can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. They dare not face the facts and the truth, like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

They have repeatedly fabricated lies. On his last day in office, the former US Secretary of State concocted the lie of the century about the so-called "genocide" in Xinjiang. The current US administration has even gone further by inventing more lies such as "crimes against humanity" and "forced labour". But no matter how many lies the US spreads, it cannot conceal the fact that Xinjiang is stable and prosperous, where all ethnic groups are united and harmonious.

They have bent on engaging in coercive diplomacy. Amidst the pandemic, they pressured the former High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit Xinjiang. But following the agreement China reached with the High Commissioner, they then went all out to block her from the trip. In the wake of her successful visit and out of dissatisfaction with her statement, they resorted to all possible means to pressure the High Commissioner to release the so-called OHCHR "assessment" on Xinjiang just 15 minutes before she left office. Such an assessment is completely illegal and invalid. On October 6, the Human Rights Council categorically rejected the draft decision on Xinjiang proposed by the United States and some Western countries and explicitly refused to endorse the so-called "assessment".

Not willing to accept failure in Geneva, they have turned to the third committee of the General Assembly to continue to hype up the issue of Xinjiang, push for a joint statement against China and even try to hold a side event on this topic. However, today, the people of the world have awakened. The vast number of developing countries have awakened. Whoever engaged in hegemony will meet with firm opposition, and those who employ coercion will be doomed to failure. The US and the UK have gone to great lengths to make a joint statement against China and stage the so-called Xinjiang side event. But this is nothing but another clumsy show by a few Western countries that can never fool the wide membership.

Mr. Chair,

The US is obsessed with naming and shaming and attacking other countries while turning a blind eye to its own poor human rights situation. The US targets only developing countries and chooses to look away from the human rights abuses by its allies. What a glaring example of hypocrisy and double standards!

If the US truly cares about genocide, it should face up to its genocide crimes against Native Americans, conduct investigations and hold those responsible accountable. 

If the US truly cares about the minority groups, it should face up to its systematic racism across the country, combat hate crimes against minorities.

If the US truly cares about crimes against humanity, it should reflect upon its crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by its military in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries. It owes it to the innocent civilians killed by its military.

Let me remind the US and the UK: your people are caught up in deep peril of political struggle, economic recession, worsening wellbeing, with a chilling winter on its way. Those who do not really care about their own people but rely on smearing others to cure their own diseases will eventually be abandoned by their own people. Put away your hypocrisy and arrogance!

I would also put Japan and Germany on notice: You have lost your independence and autonomy by following the US and holding a candle to the devil. Such behavior will be held in contempt by the whole world. 

Mr. Chair,

The promotion and protection of human rights calls for dialogue and cooperation, rather than confrontation and division. What the vast number of developing countries seek is equality and mutual respect, rather than condescending lecturers on human rights. We hope that the US and a few other Western countries will mend their way, return to the right track of dialogue and cooperation, and do something concrete and positive for the promotion and protection of human rights.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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