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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNITAMS

2023-03-20 16:30

Mr. President, 

I thank Special Representative Volker Perthes for his briefing, and welcome the presence of the Permanent Representative of Sudan at today’s meeting. 

Recently, progress has been made in the political situation in Sudan. After the signing of the Political Framework Agreement by the Sudanese parties last December, the final phase of the political process was launched this past January with four workshops facilitated by the Trilateral Mechanism of the UN, the AU, and IGAD to resolve the five outstanding issues identified in the Framework Agreement. Yesterday, relevant parties held a preparatory meeting in which consensus was reached on the roadmap and timeline for the drafting of the final political agreement and a transitional constitution. All these provide an important opportunity for all parties in Sudan to bridge differences and reach consensus. China is encouraged by the political will and the spirit of consultation shown by relevant parties involved in this process, and supports all parties in staying on the Sudanese-led and Sudanese-owned political process and continuing the inclusive dialogue, so as to expand consensus and find a development path suitable for the country. 

Meanwhile, the economic and humanitarian situation in Sudan is worrying. According to the assessment of the UN, in 2023, one-third of Sudan’s population needs humanitarian assistance, and reduced international funding seriously constraints the humanitarian relief work. We called on relevant countries and international financial institutions to resume economic assistance to Sudan immediately and unconditionally. Some countries attach political strings to aid and link aid to Sudan’s political process, which not only interferes with Sudan’s sovereignty, but also disregards the basic human rights of the Sudanese people, such as the right to subsistence and the right to development. We hope that UNITAMS will step up efforts to mobilize international aid to alleviate the difficulties faced by the Sudanese people. 

Mr. President, 

We have noticed that while inter-communal clashes still occur from time to time in Sudan, the number of security incidents is declining. This is inseparable from the efforts of the Sudanese Government. We welcome the timely visit by the Sudanese Government to the conflict-affected communities, its commitment to hold the perpetrators to account, its efforts to bring about reconciliation initiatives among the communities concerned, and the series of responsible and effective initiatives it has taken. We also welcome the important role of the Darfur Permanent Ceasefire Committee in monitoring the security situation on the ground, and call on the international community to provide financial and technical support to Sudan, so that it can ensure the establishment and operation of various mechanisms provided for in the Juba Peace Agreement. 

China has reservations on the Council’s continued imposition of sanctions on the Darfur region of Sudan, and we elaborated on our position when the Council adopted the resolution on Sudan sanctions earlier this month. We have repeatedly stressed that the Council’s continued sanctions against Darfur not only lack political and security basis, but also limit the efforts by the Sudanese Government to maintain stability, protect civilians, and combat crimes on the ground. We oppose the politicization and perpetuation of sanction measures, and urge relevant parties to face squarely the improved situation in the country, heed the call of regional countries for lifting sanctions against Sudan, stop using sanctions for political manipulation, and make efforts towards the lifting of sanctions. 

I thank you, Mr. President,

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