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Ambassador Zhang Jun Briefed the Media on China's Position on China and Russia Jointly proposing the Draft Resolution on the Political Settlement of the Korean Peninsula to the Security Council

2019-12-17 23:50

On December 17, Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, briefed the media on China's position on China and Russia jointly proposing the draft resolution on the political settlement of the Korean Peninsula to the Security Council. Zhang Jun emphasized:

The current situation on the Korean Peninsula is at a critical stage, which is complicated, sensitive, and fragile. The Security Council should take action to promote the political settlement process and break the current deadlock.

The core purpose of proposing the draft resolution by China and Russia is to maintain the momentum for political settlement, and properly accommodate the DPRK’s concern on easing sanctions in the livelihood area. It is a good attempt to break the current deadlock of the US-DPRK dialogue.

adjusting the Security Council sanction measures on the DPRK is conducive to maintaining the momentum of US-DPRK dialogue, conducive to easing the humanitarian and livelihood-related situation in the DPRK, conducive to encouraging the DPRK to take greater strides in the direction of denuclearization and conducive to creating conditions and lending impetus to the political settlement of the Peninsula issue. The draft resolution is in the interest of all parties.

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