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Ambassador Zhang Jun: China is firmly committed to upholding multilateralism and purposes and principles of the UN Charter

2020-01-09 00:49

On 9 January, the UN Security Council held an open debate on upholding the UN Charter. Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, attended the meeting and expounded on China's position and propositions on firmly upholding multilateralism and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Vietnam Phạm Bình Minh and representatives of more than 110 countries attended the meeting and made statements.

Ambassador Zhang said that as a cornerstone of multilateralism, the Charter establishes the basic norms governing international relations in the present day, develops generally recognized principles of international law, and charts the way forward for human society. Currently, unilateralism is dealing heavy blows to international rule of law and the international order, while protectionism is plunging the world economy into a pit of uncertainties and acts of bullying is threatening global peace and stability. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. Revisiting and reminding ourselves of the spirit of the Charter is all the more relevant given the present context.

Ambassador Zhang emphasized that in upholding the UN Charter, first, we must pursue mutually beneficial cooperation. It is imperative to create greater opportunities through cooperation, overcome the risks and challenges, achieve common development, and strive for win-win results on an equal footing. Second, we must be guided by international rule of law, and oppose the practice of putting a country's own interests above those of other countries, wanton misinterpretation of international law, the hegemonic logic of selectivity, and long-arm jurisdiction and unilateral sanctions. Third, we must adhere to equity and justice. Matters of international nature are to be discussed and managed by us all. Each country's sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and independent choice of development path must be respected. Fourth, we must take effective actions. The Charter should be put into practice on the ground, to generate tangible results. The Security Council must always act in the interests of world peace, enhance mutual trust, strengthen unity and avoid the politicization of certain issues.

Ambassador Zhang emphasized that the US unilateral adventurist act has led to a high degree of tensions in the Middle East and the Gulf. China supports Secretary-General Guterres' call for peace. China has been actively engaged in diplomatic efforts and is committed to playing a responsible and constructive role in safeguarding international law, equity and justice, and regional peace and stability. China calls on the relevant parties to exercise maximum restraint, do the utmost to return to dialogue and consultation without delay, jointly work for the de-escalation of tensions and uphold the JCPOA. If the situation in the region spun out of control, it would not serve the interests of any party. Restoring peace is of crucial importance to the entire world. The Security Council should uphold its responsibility vested by the UN Charter to maintain international peace and security.

Ambassador Zhang said that China was the first country to sign the UN Charter. It has consistently and scrupulously adhered to the purposes and principles of the Charter and has unfailingly supported efforts to defend the authority and functions of the United Nations. President Xi Jinping's proposal of building a community of shared future for humankind is a continuation and sublimation of the purposes of the UN Charter. China will honor its commitment, uphold the principle of peaceful settlement of disputes, and uphold sovereign equality, political independence and territorial integrity of all countries and non-interference in other countries' internal affairs, and the principle of no threat or use of force. China will fulfill its responsibilities under the UN Charter, actively participate in UN peacekeeping operations, seriously fulfill its financial obligations to the UN, and support the UN's central role in international and multilateral affairs. China will actively implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and continue to promote high-quality development of the Belt and Road, so that the dividends of China's development can benefit all countries in the world.

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