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Ambassador Zhang Jun: Efforts to fight NCP are achieving positive results

2020-02-12 06:45

On 12 February, Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, gave a comprehensive overview of China's efforts to fight novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) at UN Commission for Social Development, saying that China's efforts are achieving positive results, China has the ability and confidence to defeat the outbreak and meet the set target for economic and social development.

Zhang said that facing this epidemic, China has demonstrated strong determination to fight it against all odds. The Chinese government has made fighting the epidemic its most important and urgent task. Led by President Xi Jinping, China has mobilized itself and adopted the most comprehensive and rigorous preventive and control measures, which have fully demonstrated the power and advantages of China's system whereby all resources are pooled together to cope with major challenges. Medical professionals and people from all walks of life are fighting this epidemic with all might, demonstrating a spirit of fearlessness and sacrifice. The unprecedented measures taken by China have been fully acknowledged by the World Health Organization and the international community.

Zhang said that facing the epidemic, China puts the lives and health of the people first. While making every effort to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, China has taken decisive actions and built two new hospitals within 10 days in Wuhan where the epidemic is most severe. Around 20,000 best medical and healthcare professionals from around the country and large quantities of medical supplies have been sent to the frontline. Efforts have been made to step up research and development of medications. With unremitting efforts, there has been positive development in the situation. The number of new confirmed cases in regions beyond Hubei Province has been declining for 8 consecutive days and the number of cured cases is rising significantly to more than 5,000. This has further boosted the confidence in defeating the epidemic.

Zhang said that facing the epidemic, China has adopted an open, transparent and highly responsible attitude. Not only for the sake of China, but also the world, China has applied rigorous prevention and control measures that far exceed the requirements of the International Health Regulations, effectively curbing the spread of the epidemic. At present, cases of infection in other countries are less than 1% of those in China. China has reported the epidemic information to the WHO, the relevant countries, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions as soon as it is available, shared the genetic sequences of the virus, actively communicated with other countries in order to come up with responses. China cares about the safety and health of foreign nationals in China as it cares about its own people. China has reported the situation in a timely manner and provides all necessary assistance.

Zhang emphasized that addressing global public health issues is a common challenge faced by all countries. Countries are linked by the same destiny and no nation can survive alone. Under the current circumstances, China calls on the international community to maintain solidarity, support each other, strengthen information, experience and technology sharing, and work with the Chinese government and people to jointly meet the challenges. China also call on the international community to remain rational and use evidence as the basis, respect the guidance of WHO, evaluate the epidemic objectively and impartially, and take proper measures to avoid overreaction that would cause greater negative effects. China calls on the international community to increase mutual trust, foster an awareness of a community of shared future for mankind, oppose politicization of health issues and leave no breeding ground or space for any racist comments, discrimination or stigma.

Representatives of Indonesia, Nigeria, the Phillipines, Mongolia and Venezuela highly commended and showed support for China's efforts in their statements, calling on the international community to maintain solidarity and work together to tackle the challenges.

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