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Statement by Ambassador Zhang Jun at the Side Event on Peacekeeping Capacity Building

2020-02-20 10:43

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to this side event on peacekeeping capacity building co-hosted by Indonesia, Morocco and Pakistan and China.I also welcome the briefings to be given by Under-Secretaries-General Lacroix and Khare.

UN peacekeeping operations are important measures to safeguard international peace and security. They arise from and adapt to the evolving times.This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. The "Action for Peacekeeping" initiative put forward by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has entered a crucial stage of implementation, and peacekeeping operations are at a new starting point.

At present, people in conflict areas still bear the brunt of wars and conflicts. The world is faced with more challenges and uncertainties. As such, people across countries have a stronger yearning for peace, higher hopes for the United Nations and greater expectations for the peacekeeping operations. At the same time, peacekeeping operations face a more complex and dangerous environment and challenges. Capacity building is the key to strengthening peacekeeping operations as it bears on the actual effect of peacekeeping operations and should therefore be given due attention by member states.

This meeting, cosponsored by China, Indonesia, Morocco and Pakistan, is designed to set up a platform to discuss ways to strengthen peacekeeping capacity building, improve the safety and security of peacekeepers, strengthen partnerships and give full play to the key role of peacekeeping operations in maintaining international peace and security.

Dear colleagues,

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China is a major troop contributor and the second largest fund contributor to peacekeeping operations. It is both a staunch supporter for and important participant in the UN peacekeeping operations.This year marks the 30th anniversary of China's participation in UN peacekeeping operations.Over the past 30 years, China has taken part in 26 UN peacekeeping operations, with the total dispatches exceeding 40,000 person/times. At present, more than 2,500 Chinese peacekeepers are carrying out peacekeeping missions in nine mission areas whose responsibilities range from patrol, security, demining, medical treatment to engineering, air transport and guarding services.

President Xi Jinping made a six-point commitment at the 2015 UN Peacekeeping Summit, and it has been implemented in the past five years.

We have set up an 8,000-strong peacekeeping standby force and a standing peacekeeping police squad, 13 branches of which have been promoted to level 2 readiness following UN assessments and five to level 3. China has deployed its first helicopter squad in Darfur, the Sudan, conducted trainings for peacekeepers from various countries over 4,000 person/times, carried out multiple demining assistance projects and provided gratis military assistance to the African Union in support of building the African Standby Force. We also continue to support the UN peacekeeping operations through the China-UN Peace and Development fund. China is fulfilling its commitments to multilateralism and world peace through concrete actions.

Dear colleagues,

In the face of new challenges and dynamics, we should actively explore, constantly improve and boldly reform our peacekeeping work on the basis of observing the basic principles of peacekeeping. We hold the following essential:

First, to enhance the rapid response capabilities. Fast deployment of peacekeeping operations can give peace more chance. China supports the implementation of the Secretary-General's "Action for Peacekeeping" initiative and calls on member states to actively join the UN Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System.

Second, to ensure the safety of peacekeepers. In the final analysis, peacekeeping operations are to be carried out by peacekeepers. Troop-contributing countries are the main body of peacekeeping operations and have made important contributions to peacekeeping operations. The international community should set store by the actual needs of TCC’s, not least those from developing countries, and ensure that peacekeeping operations receive targeted training and resources and constantly improve the safety and security of peacekeepers.

And third, to strengthen partnerships. Close coordination among the member states, the Secretariat and T/PCCs is a strong bolster for capacity building. China supports the United Nations in strengthening its cooperation with the AU, ASEAN and other regional organizations in the field of peace operations.

Dear colleagues,

China will hold a debate on "United Nations peacekeeping operations: Better capacity building, more safety and security" during its presidency of the Security Council in March, to which all TCC’s are invited. China hopes that through this debate, the international community will increase its input in peacekeeping operations, especially in strengthening the peacekeeping capacity building of TCC’s and ensuring the safety of peacekeepers.

China is ready to join hands with all peace-loving countries in continuing our contributions to fulfilling the promise of multilateralism and improving peacekeeping operations.

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