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China Summons US Ambassador for Human Rights Motion

2004-03-23 00:00

BEIJING, March 23 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Shen Guofang summoned the US ambassador to China Clark T.Randt Tuesday to make solemn representations on the US decision to make a human rights motion on China to the UN human rights conference.

China strongly opposes the US decision to introduce the anti-China motion at the UN human rights conference, Shen said, noting that the motion was "groundless".

China's democracy and legislation have been progressing forward continuously and the government has paid great attention to protecting various rights of the people, Shen said.

He noted that China forged regulations on legal aid and simplified the procedure concerning services by the public security and judicial sectors. China has amended the Constitution earlier this month to clearly state the respect and protection of lawful private property rights and the respect and protection of human rights.

"China's human rights cause has made remarkable progress," Shensaid. "The dialogue on human rights between China and the European Union and other western countries was fruitful and appreciated by the international community. It is by no means 'backsliding' or deteriorating as accused by the United States."

China has held that the differences between China and the United States on human rights issues should be addressed through dialogue.

Such consultations between the two sides were underway, but the US side swallowed its words and ran against its commitment by deciding to introduce the motion, Shen said.

"That fully shows the US side was determined to stir up confrontation," he said. "It is a typical behavior of politicizing the human rights issue and exercising a double standard. It is doomed to meet with opposition by the international community."

The Chinese government cares about the Chinese people's human rights more than any other country and China needs no outside interference and firmly opposes any interference from any country,Shen said.

"Any attempt aimed at changing the system chosen by the Chinese people through exerting pressure will be of no avail," Shen said.

"We do not wish to see confrontation at the UN human rights conference in Geneva, but if the United States is determined to choose confrontation, China does not fear that and will keep acting in response till the end," he said.

Shen said that the confrontation caused by the US side has severely undermined the basis of dialogue and exchange on human rights between the two countries.

"China cannot but suspend the dialogue immediately, and the US side should be held responsible for any consequences thereafter," he said.

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