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Celebrations at the Chinese Mission to the United Nations Joined by American Teachers and Chinese Parents and Students

2005-03-08 00:00

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In the evening of 8 March 2005, Ambassador Wang Guangya and his wife Cong Jun were the hosts of the joyous gathering participated by American teachers and Chinese parents and students. The brightly decorated great hall of the Mission was permeated with festive atmosphere. More than 120 people were present, including Ambassador Zhang Yishan and his wife, Minister Counselor Liu Hanming and his wife, teachers and stuff from United Nations International School and from primary and middle schools where children of Chinese diplomats study, English teachers of spouses of Chinese diplomats, and all female diplomats and some children of the Mission.

Ambassador Wang started the party by giving some welcoming remarks. He said that on the occasion of the March 8 International Women Day, he would like to extend his festival greetings and best wishes to all female diplomats, teachers and guests. He stated that to respect teachers and attach importance to education is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. Chinese parents pay special attention to their children's education. He extended, on behalf of the Mission, appreciations to the American schools and teachers for educating and taking good care of the Mission's children. Children are the future of China. He expressed his hope that these children will use what they learn to serve the society and become friendly envoys between the Chinese people and American people.

The guests then watched with great interest performances given by Chinese diplomats and their children. The first on the list is "twelve animals of Chinese lunar years" performed by ten children. They introduced in English the features of animals they represented. Their lively and vivid performances were warmly applauded and acclaimed by the audience. Later, some children played Chinese musical instruments, such as erhu and piba, giving the audience a glimpse of the charm of such instruments. Another child played a Chinese folk song with saxophone. Three diplomats showed special wonder of taiji. Two female diplomats performed a Beijing opera song "Uncle of My House". Finally, six youthful female diplomats brought the performances to a successful conclusion with a popular Chinese song "Tomorrow will be Better".

After the show, the Mission provided the guests with delicious and colorful Chinese food. While enjoying the food, participants were able to carry out talks and take photos amidst parents and teachers and old and new friends. Many American teachers indicated that this is their first time to be invited to the Mission, to talk with Chinese diplomats, to enjoy diversified forms of Chinese culture, to feel the respect for teachers by the Chinese people, and to discover the talents of Chinese children. All this has left deep impression on them. Many of them departed with booklets and CDs on China and Chinese folk music.

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