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Statement by Ambassador Li Baodong at the Special High-level Meeting of the Economic and Social Council with the Bretton Woods Institutions, the World Trade Organizations and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

2010-03-18 00:14

Mr. President,

I thank Dr. Migiro, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the representatives of the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and the UNCTAD for their statements. The Chinese delegation endorses the positions expressed by the representative of Yemen on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

Mr. President,

The overall situation of the world economy has now turned for the better, but with the negative impact of the financial crisis still lingering, developing countries are faced with a huge challenge in achieving the MDGs on schedule. The report submitted by the Secretary-General two days ago on the 2010 UN High-level Plenary Meeting on Millennium Development Goals also faithfully reflects this stark reality. In this context, it has become the consensus of Member States to take effective actions to speed up achievement of the MDGs.

Mr. President,

At the Pittsburgh Summit held in September last year, the G-20 leaders pledged to increase the voting power and quota share of developing countries in the World Bank and the IMF by at least 3% and 5% respectively. These are important and timely decisions. We are pleased to note that the World Bank and the IMF endorsed these decisions at their annual meetings held in Istanbul last October. We hope the two institutions will soon follow through on these important achievements.

Trade is a key driver for world economic recovery. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, world trade has plummeted, and trade protectionism is on a visible increase. Developing countries are the biggest victims of trade protectionism. China supports the liberalization and facilitation of global trade,

and opposes trade protectionism in all its forms. We should strive for the conclusion of the Doha round negotiations in 2010 to bring about comprehensive and balanced results. We also need to redouble the efforts of the WTO to promote aid for trade, and help developing countries strengthen capacity building.

The High-level Plenary Meeting on MDGs to be held in September this year will be a major action taken by the UN system for the achievement of the MDGs in2015. China supports the convening of this meeting and hopes the meeting will provide a platform for the international community to hear the voice of UN Member States, especially that of developing countries, learn about the difficulties they have encountered in achieving the MDGs, and push for developed countries to truly shoulder the responsibility of helping developing countries, fulfill their commitments and reach consensus on future actions.

Mr. President,

Under resolution 2009/30 of the ECOSOC, this year's dialogue meeting between the ECOSOC and the Bretton Woods Institutions, the WTO and the UNCTAD took on a brand new form. We welcome this development. Such intensive dialogue meetings will help the United Nations play its due role in global economic affairs and ensure that the interests of Member States are effectively safeguarded.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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