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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on MINUSCA

2022-02-22 15:00

Madam President,

I welcome Foreign Minister Sylvie Valérie Baipo-Temon to our meeting today, and I thank Special Representative Mankeur Ndiaye, Special Representative Bertino Matias Matondo of the African Union, and Mr. João Samuel Caholo, Executive Secretary of the ICG for the briefings. In connection with the Secretary-General’s report, I would like to make the following comments.

At present the situation in the CAR is generally improving. China welcomes the fact that the CAR Government has taken a series of measures in maintaining political stability, improving security situation, restoring economic development, and conducting exchanges with other countries. The republican dialogue is about to begin, and preparation for local elections are underway. China welcomes these developments. We expect that all parties in the CAR will actively participate in the dialogue, bridge differences, enhance mutual trust, and inject new impetus into realizing a comprehensive ceasefire, and accelerating the implementation of the peace agreement. China supports the mediation efforts by regional and sub-egional organizations, appreciates the leading roles played by countries like Angola, Congo and Rwanda. We hope that the ICGLR will enhance communication with the CAR Government in the implementation of the roadmap, and strive to form synergy based on the reality on the ground and its needs.

Since President Touadéra announced the ceasefire on October 15 last year, the security situation has generally eased, thanks to the great efforts by the CAR Government and relevant parties. Recent political turmoil in some African countries has repeatedly demonstrated that safeguarding territorial integrity and protecting their own citizens are the basic requirements underpinning sovereign countries. In the final analysis, the achievement of lasting peace in the CAR depends on the strength of the country. The international community should, according to the needs of the CAR Government, help the CAR armed forces improve their security capabilities, guard against threats from armed groups, and respect the right of the Government to independently conduct security cooperation with other countries. In performing its duties, MINUSCA should focus on helping the CAR expand state authority, strengthen the deployment of security forces, and promote security sector reform. The CAR Government and regional countries have repeatedly stressed that the arms embargo is the main obstacle to the enhancement of CAR security capabilities and thus called for its lifting as soon as possible. China urges the Council to heed their aspiration by lifting the arms embargo at an early date, and provide support for the CAR Government to address security challenges and safeguard national stability.

The improvement of the security situation in the CAR has brought recovery of economic development to some extent, but the country still faces multiple challenges such as financial constraints and the COVID-19 pandemic. The humanitarian situation is not optimistic, with 3.1 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The international community, especially major powers, should provide financial assistance in a timely manner to help the CAR tide over difficulties. At the same time, it is necessary to help the country recover its economy, improve people's livelihood, and turn its advantages in natural resources into development advantages, so as to lay a solid foundation for peace through sustainable development.

Last November, Foreign Minister Baipo-Temon, in her letter to the President of the Council, put forward important views and suggestions for MINUSCA’s mandate and performance. Respecting the views of the countries concern is a prerequisite for peacekeeping operations to carry out their work with good results. MINUSCA should continue to listen fully to the opinions of the country, align its work with the needs and priorities of the country, and rebuild trust with the Government and all sectors of society to form synergy. No one wants to see security incidents involving peacekeepers in the CAR. MINUSCA and the CAR Government have been actively engaged in communication and coordination recently, to jointly safeguard the Status of Forces Agreement, which has achieved good results. We hope that the two sides will work in the same direction and enhance the safety of peacekeepers.

In conclusion, I thank Mr. Ndiaye for his last briefing to the Council as the Special Representative. China will, as always, support the work of the Mission, and hope that the Mission will make greater contributions to the comprehensive peace, stability and development in the country.

I thank you, Madam President.

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