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Explanation of Vote by Counselor Xing Jisheng on the UN Security Council Resolution on the Mandate Renewal of UNITAMS

2022-06-03 12:00

Madam President,

China voted in favor of the Security Council Resolution 2636 on the mandate renewal of UNITAMS. This resolution provides the basis for UNITAMS to continue to implement its mandate in a balanced manner based on the needs of Sudan. The penholder, in light of the views of many members, China included, made necessary amendments to the initial text, so that the Council could stay united on this issue. This is the right approach.

At present, the Sudanese parties have disagreements on the specific modalities for achieving a political transition. These differences must ultimately be resolved through a Sudanese-led and Sudanese-owned political process. The international community should maintain necessary patience to create space for the resolution of differences among parties, and avoid picking sides, aggravating tensions, or exerting excessive pressure. UNITAMS is a political mission established at the request of Sudan under Chapter VI of the UN Charter. At all times, the SRSG and the Mission must abide by the mandate from the Security Council, respect Sudan’s sovereignty and leadership, maintain communication and cooperation with the AU, IGAD, and other regional organizations, and support Sudan in exploring a development path that is in line with its national conditions. Under the current situation, UNITAMS should in particular strength the implementation of its mandate of mobilizing international development assistance, and make concrete efforts to improve the economic and humanitarian situation in Sudan.

Thank you, Madam President.

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