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Statement by Ambassador Liu Jieyi, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations after Security Council Voting on Draft Resolution on Humanitarian Situation in Syria

2014-07-14 00:12

Mr. President,

China has been closely following the situation in Syria. Over the past three years, the escalating conflict in Syria has brought untold suffering to the Syrian people and resulted in the worsening of the humanitarian situation in parts of the country.

China is deeply concerned about the suffering of the population and has made ongoing efforts to improve the humanitarian situation in the country. On many occasions, China has provided significant amounts of humanitarian assistance to Syria and its neighbours through various channels. In June, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a new round of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and other countries, which is being acted upon. China has actively participated in the assistance actions within the United Nations framework and has contributed to the United Nations Syria Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan. We will continue to do our utmost to help improve the humanitarian situation of the Syrians.

China supports the efforts of the international community, in particular the United Nations, to ease the humanitarian situation in Syria. We support the due role of the Council in that process. Resolution 2165 (2014), which we have just adopted unanimously, once again demonstrates that, as long as all parties put the interests of the Syrian people first and meet each other half way, the Council’s consensus on the Syrian issue and robust actions are possible. The unanimous support for resolution 2165 (2014) reflects the important consensus of the Council and the international community on the question of Syria’s humanitarian issue. China calls on all parties in Syria to implement in practice resolution 2165 (2014) and other relevant Security Council resolutions and presidential statements and to actively cooperate with the United Nations and the international community in their humanitarian efforts.

Syria’s neighbours should actively support the work of United Nations and other humanitarian agencies so as to ensure the prompt deployment of the monitoring mechanism and the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian supplies. In providing humanitarian relief, United Nations and other humanitarian agencies should act strictly in accordance with the resolution’s mandate. They should respect Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, follow the guiding principles of United Nations humanitarian assistance set out in relevant General Assembly resolutions, and try to ensure the understanding, support and cooperation of the country concerned. The international community should uphold the neutral and impartial nature of humanitarian assistance and should avoid the politicization of humanitarian issues and the militarization of humanitarian actions.

A political solution is the only way out of the Syrian problem. It is also the right way to resolve all matters, including the humanitarian issue. The international community should stay the course of a political solution, continue to engage in coordination and cooperation and step up its efforts in that regard. China calls on all parties in Syria to effectively implement the Geneva communiqué (S/2012/522, annex), launch an inclusive political transition and find a middle way that takes into account the country’s specific conditions and accommodates the interests of all parties concerned in order to achieve a political settlement of the Syrian issue.

China has consistently supported the good offices of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the issue of Syria and welcomes his appointment of Mr. De Mistura as the new Joint Special Representative for Syria. We believe that that appointment will give new momentum to the political efforts. As a permanent member of the Council and a responsible member of the international community, China will continue to actively work for a comprehensive, lasting and proper solution of the Syrian issue as soon as possible.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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