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Xi Jinping and President Rafael Correa of Ecuador Jointly Attend Inauguration Ceremony of China-Ecuador Cooperation Project and Video Link Activity

2016-11-19 10:18

On November 18, 2016 local time, President Xi Jinping and President Rafael Correa of Ecuador jointly attended in Quito the inauguration ceremony of the Joint Laboratory of Ecuador Public Security Emergency Command and Control Center that was built with assistance from China and the video link activity for the foundation stone laying ceremony of Chone Hospital and the completion and operation of Coca Coda Sinclair Hydropower Station.

When Xi Jinping arrived at the Public Security Emergency Command and Control Center, Rafael Correa welcomed him at the entrance. The two heads of state visited the photo exhibition on China's assistance to Ecuador in earthquake relief and unveiled the plaque for the Joint Laboratory of the Public Security Emergency Command and Control Center. They also watched videos of the Chone Hospital and Coca Coda Sinclair Hydropower Station and interacted through video with field staff of the two projects. The Chinese staff member in charge of the hospital project reported from the site to the two heads of state that the hospital project was officially launched. At Coca Coda Sinclair Hydropower Station, Vice President Jorge Glas of Ecuador, who had specially went to the site, briefed on the completion of the project. The two heads of state pressed the button together, marking the official completion and operation of Coca Coda Sinclair Hydropower Station.

Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that China and Ecuador enjoy a time-honored friendship. In recent years, the friendly relationship between the two countries has made comprehensive progress, and just been lifted to a comprehensive strategic partnership. The reason why both countries can strengthen cooperation is that the two sides have strong confidence in development prospects and understand that both sides bring development opportunities to each other. Current situation offers best opportunities for China and Ecuador to deepen mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. China is willing to work with Ecuador to deepen cooperation and develop together, so as to open a new chapter of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

Xi Jinping stressed that the upgrade of the Ecuador public security emergency response system, the reconstruction of Chone Hospital and the completion of the Coca Coda Sinclair Hydropower Station will effectively enhance the country's capability of disaster prevention and relief and improve its public infrastructure. The strong earthquake that took place on April 16 brought heavy disaster and pain to the people in the disaster-stricken areas of Ecuador. The Chinese government and people are concerned about the disaster-stricken areas and sympathize with the people there. The Chinese government has provided various kinds of emergency assistance to Ecuador at the earliest time possible. Currently, post-disaster reconstruction is the top priority. China will actively participate in the post-disaster reconstruction and continue to provide support in housing, medical care, human resource and software and hardware for disaster prevention and mitigation. We believe that the Ecuadorian people will overcome the disaster and rebuild their homes.

Rafael Correa said that today is a historic day. He is delighted to be here today with President Xi Jinping to witness the biggest project in Ecuador's history and the great achievements of Ecuador-China cooperation. Bilateral cooperation has helped Ecuador improve its infrastructure level, promote its development of clean energy and optimize public security service, all of which has brought benefits to the Ecuadorian people. As the engineering staff of the two countries worked together on the projects day and night, the friendship between the people of the two countries has also been enhanced. Ecuador thanks China sincerely for its support to the post-disaster reconstruction and national development of Ecuador, and is ready to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with China.

Afterwards, leaders of both countries went to the hall of the Public Security Emergency Command and Control Center, listened to the briefing from Ecuadorian government officials, and watched the live connection between the center and the command center in Portoviejo, an earthquake-stricken area. Through video, Xi Jinping extended warm greetings to local staff and expressed condolence and blessing to the survivors in the earthquake.

The Ecuador Public Security Emergency Command and Control Center has established 16 branches throughout the country. The center was built by a Chinese company and equipped with Chinese equipments and technologies. In the wake of the earthquake took place on April 16 in Ecuador, the center played a key role in the rescue and relief work.

On the same day, Xi Jinping laid a wreath to the Monument to Independence Heroes of Ecuador.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others attended above events.

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