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Xi Jinping Attends and Chairs the Special Summit to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations and Officially Announces the Establishment of a China-ASEAN Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

2021-11-22 20:47

On the morning of November 22,  2021, President Xi Jinping attended and chaired the Special Summit to  Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations in Beijing  via video link. China and ASEAN officially announced the establishment of a  China-ASEAN Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

Xi Jinping delivered an important  speech titled "For a Shared Future and Our Common Home".

Xi Jinping pointed out that  China-ASEAN dialogue relations have gone through an extraordinary journey over  the past three decades. These 30 years have witnessed intensive development of  economic globalization and profound changes in the international landscape.  These 30 years have also seen China and ASEAN seizing opportunities of the times  and achieving leapfrog development in our relations. We have cast away the  shadow of the Cold War and jointly upheld stability in our region. We have  spearheaded economic integration in East Asia, promoted common development and  prosperity, and delivered better lives to the over two billion people. We have  explored a bright path of good-neighborliness and win-win cooperation, taken  strides toward building a closer community with a shared future and made  important contribution to the cause of human progress.

Xi Jinping stressed that today,  we jointly announce the establishment of a China-ASEAN Comprehensive Strategic  Partnership. This is a new milestone in the history of our relations and will  inject new impetus into peace, stability, prosperity and development of our  region and the world.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the  gains in China-ASEAN cooperation over the past 30 years are attributable to our  unique geographical proximity and cultural affinity and, more importantly, to  the fact that we have actively embraced the development trend of our times and  made the right historic choice.

First, we have respected each  other and acted by the basic norms of international relations. Equality and  harmonious coexistence are our common pursuit. We were the first to advocate the  Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and the Bandung Spirit. China was the  first among ASEAN's dialogue partners to join the Treaty of Amity and  Cooperation in Southeast Asia. The two sides have accommodated each other's  major concerns, respected each other's development paths, increased  understanding and trust through sincere communication, and properly handled  disagreements and problems by seeking common ground while shelving differences,  thus jointly upholding and promoting Asian values.

Second, we have cooperated for  win-win results and followed a path of peaceful development. China and ASEAN  countries share the same goal of securing stability for our countries and  happiness for our people. We have firmly upheld regional peace and stability,  stayed focused on development, taken the lead in establishing free trade areas,  promoted high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, and jointly concluded and  signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, thus promoting  integrated development of the region and well-being of our people.

Third, we have looked out for  each other and honored the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and  inclusiveness. Mutual assistance is the shared tradition between China and  ASEAN. Our exchanges are as frequent as those between relatives. We value  friendship and credibility. We rejoice together in good times, and help each  other out in hard times. We have stood with each other through the Asian  financial crisis, international financial crisis, COVID-19 and other challenges,  thus forging a stronger sense of being a community with a shared future.

Fourth, we have upheld  inclusiveness and mutual learning and jointly contributed to open regionalism.  Diversity and inclusiveness are in our DNA. Drawing wisdom from East Asian  civilization, we have steered regional economic integration with an open mind,  advanced ASEAN-led regional cooperation through equal-footed consultation, and  forged friendships that are open, not exclusionary, with an inclusive attitude,  thus honoring the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and  shared benefits.

Xi Jinping noted that the  valuable experience we have gained over the past 30 years is the shared asset of  China and ASEAN. It lays the foundation and provides guidelines for developing  our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. We need to doubly cherish the  experience, uphold it over the long run, and keep enriching and expanding it as  we go forward.

Xi Jinping quoted a Chinese  proverb that reads "Distance tests a horse's strength, and time reveals a  person's integrity". China was, is, and will always be ASEAN's good neighbor,  good friend and good partner. China will unswervingly take ASEAN as a high  priority in its neighborhood diplomacy, unswervingly support ASEAN unity and  ASEAN Community building, unswervingly support ASEAN centrality in the regional  architecture, and unswervingly support ASEAN in playing a bigger role in  regional and international affairs.

Xi Jinping pointed out that not  long ago, the Communist Party of China convened the Sixth Plenary Session of its  19th Central Committee and comprehensively reviewed the major achievements and  historical experience of the Party over the past century. Full of confidence,  the Chinese people are marching forward on the new journey to build China into a  modern socialist country in all respects. China's development will provide more  opportunities for and inject strong impetus into the region and the wider world.  China stands ready to work with ASEAN to grasp the overriding trend, remove  interference, share opportunities and promote shared prosperity. We will  implement in earnest our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, and make new  strides toward building a closer China-ASEAN community with a shared future.

Xi Jinping made five proposals  regarding the future relations between China and ASEAN.

First, we can build a peaceful  home together. Maintaining peace is our greatest common interest and the most  cherished aspiration of people of all countries. We need to serve as the  builders and guardians of peace in the region. We need to pursue dialogue  instead of confrontation, build partnerships instead of alliances, and make  concerted efforts to address the various negative factors that might threaten or  undermine peace. We need to practice true multilateralism and stick to the  principle that international and regional affairs be handled through discussion  among us all. China firmly opposes hegemonism and power politics. China pursues  long-term, friendly coexistence with neighboring countries, and is part of the  common efforts for durable peace in the region. China supports ASEAN's efforts  to build a nuclear weapon-free zone, and is prepared to sign the Protocol to the  Treaty on the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone as early as possible.

Second, we can build a safe and  secure home together. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again proved that no place  on Earth is an insulated island enjoying absolute security, and only universal  security brings genuine security. China is ready to work with ASEAN countries to  jointly build a "health shield" for the region. Under this initiative, China is  ready to donate an additional 150 million doses of COVID vaccines to ASEAN  countries. China will contribute an additional 5 million U.S. dollars to the  COVID-19 ASEAN Response Fund, step up vaccine joint production and technology  transfer, and collaborate on research and development of essential medicines.  China will support ASEAN in strengthening primary-level public health systems  and cultivating human capital for ASEAN. It is important to pursue common,  comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and deepen cooperation in  areas such as defense, counter-terrorism, joint maritime search, rescue and  exercise, countering transnational crime, and disaster management. Joint efforts  are needed to safeguard stability in the South China Sea and make it a sea of  peace, friendship and cooperation.

Third, we can build a prosperous  home together. The Global Development Initiative I put forth recently has much  to contribute to ASEAN countries' efforts to meet their development needs, and  can be mutually reinforcing with ASEAN Community Vision 2025. China is ready to  provide ASEAN with another 1.5 billion U.S. dollars of development assistance in  the next three years to support ASEAN countries' fight against COVID-19 and  economic recovery. China is ready to engage in international development  cooperation with ASEAN. We support the establishment of a China-ASEAN Knowledge  Network for Development to strengthen exchange and cooperation with ASEAN on  poverty reduction to promote balanced and inclusive development. We need to  begin work toward a new round of upgrade of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area at  an early date, and enhance the level of trade and investment liberalization and  facilitation. We need to expand cooperation in new areas like digital and green  economy and build joint demonstration zones for economic innovative development.  China is ready to import more quality products from ASEAN countries, including  buying up to 150 billion U.S. dollars' worth of agricultural products from ASEAN  in the next five years. We seek high-quality Belt and Road cooperation with  ASEAN. China will continue to develop demonstration zones for high-quality Belt  and Road international industrial capacity cooperation, and welcomes ASEAN  countries' participation in the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor. China  will launch the China-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Enhancing  Program, and will provide 1,000 items of advanced and applicable technology to  ASEAN and support a program for 300 young scientists from ASEAN to come to China  for exchanges in the next five years. We propose a China-ASEAN Digital  Governance Dialogue to deepen innovative application of digital technology.

Fourth, we can build a beautiful  home together. China is ready to open a dialogue with ASEAN on climate response,  increase policy communication and experience sharing, and synergize our plans  for sustainable development. We may jointly promote a regional energy  transition, discuss establishment of a China-ASEAN clean energy cooperation  center, and enhance technology sharing in renewable energies. We may intensify  cooperation on green finance and investment to support regional low-carbon and  sustainable development. China is ready to launch the Action Plan on China-ASEAN  Green Agriculture. We may also energize the China-ASEAN Countries Joint Research  and Development Center of Marine Science and Technology, build the Partnership  on Blue Economy, and promote marine sustainable development.

Fifth, we can build an amicable  home together. We need to advocate peace, development, equity, justice,  democracy and freedom, which are common values of humanity. We need to actively  consider orderly resumption of flow of people post the COVID-19 pandemic and  continue to promote exchanges in areas such as culture, tourism, think tanks,  media and women. China will enhance cooperation with ASEAN in vocational  education and mutual recognition of diplomas, and increase the number of  recipients of China-ASEAN Young Leaders Scholarship. Next year, China will host  the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Hangzhou Asian Games, which offer good  opportunities for deepening sports exchanges and cooperation between China and  ASEAN countries.

At last, Xi Jinping emphasized  that as an ancient Chinese statesman observed, "Designs for justice prevail, and  acts for people's benefit succeed." Let us keep close to our hearts people's  aspiration for a better life, and put on our shoulders the mission of our times  to safeguard peace and promote development. Let us work hand in hand to build on  what has been achieved and work toward a closer China-ASEAN community with a  shared future, and make our region and the world even more prosperous and  beautiful.

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of  Brunei, ASEAN's rotating Chair, co-chaired the Special Summit. Cambodian Prime  Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Lao President  Thongloun Sisoulith, Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Philippine  President Rodrigo Duterte, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Thai  Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, and Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh  attended the Summit. Secretary-General of ASEAN Lim Jock Hoi also participated  in the Summit.

The leaders of ASEAN countries  thanked China for hosting the Special Summit to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary  of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations. They expressed congratulations on the 100th  anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the  extraordinary achievements made in completing the building of a moderately  prosperous society in all respects. They said that during the past 30 years  since the establishment of ASEAN-China dialogue relations, the two sides have  become the most comprehensive and substantial strategic partners who enjoy the  largest benefits through win-win cooperation. It has vigorously promoted the  building of the ASEAN community and brought tangible benefits to the two  peoples. ASEAN appreciates and thanks China for taking the lead in providing  strong support for ASEAN's COVID-19 response and post-pandemic economic  recovery. ASEAN welcomes the Global Development Initiative put forward by China.  ASEAN is willing to accelerate the alignment between China's Belt and Road  Initiative and the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025 to further unleash  cooperation potential, enhance practical cooperation in various fields and  strengthen cultural exchanges. ASEAN countries are ready to work with China to  safeguard multilateralism, the multilateral trading system and internationally  recognized rules of international law, promote regional economic integration,  tackle global challenges such as climate change and realize green and  sustainable development. The leaders of ASEAN countries said that the official  establishment of an ASEAN-China Comprehensive Strategic partnership is a  landmark of great historic importance in bilateral relations. ASEAN stands ready  to work with China to promote cooperation on all fronts to embrace another 30  years of closer ASEAN-China relations, and make greater contributions to the  region's peace, stability and prosperity. They wish the 2022 Beijing Winter  Olympic Games a great success.

The Summit adopted the Joint  Statement of the ASEAN-China Special Summit to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary  of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations.

Ding Xuexiang, Yang Jiechi, Wang  Yi, and He Lifeng attended the Summit.

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