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Wang Yi Firmly Refutes the Taiwan-related Statement by G7

2022-08-04 23:55

On 4 August 2022 local time, on the sidelines of the series of foreign ministers' meetings on East Asian cooperation in Phnom Penh, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi firmly refuted the Taiwan-related statement issued by the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7).

Wang Yi pointed out that the causes of the tensions in the Taiwan Strait are very clear, so are the merits. It is the United States that stirred up the trouble; it is the United States that created the crisis; and it is also the United States that kept escalating tensions. The blatant U.S. provocation has set a nefarious precedent. If this is not corrected or countered, how could the principle of non-interference in internal affairs be upheld? How could international law be defended? How could peace in the region be ensured?

Wang Yi stressed that the G7 foreign ministers' statement reversed black and white, confused right and wrong, and made groundless accusation against China's reasonable and legitimate measures to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity. What gives them the right? Who makes them feel entitled to do this? Isn't it preposterous to defend the perpetrator and condemn those who try to defend their rights?

Wang Yi said the erroneous act of the G7 has outraged the Chinese people. The sovereignty and independence of China and other countries are won by the people through strenuous struggle and tremendous sacrifice.  They shall never be subject to unwarranted violation anymore. Today's China is not what it used to be in the 19th century. History should not and will never be repeated.

Wang Yi underlined that it is incumbent on the international community to unequivocally oppose any acts that challenge the one-China principle and reject all infringements on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. It is all the more important that regional countries come together to reject rampant power politics and bullying in the region. Only in this way can the security of all be truly upheld and regional peace and stability be truly maintained.

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