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Qin Gang On China's Middle East Policy

2023-01-16 23:55

On January 15, 2023 local time, when jointly meeting the press with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in Cairo, Foreign Minister Qin Gang said that in recent years, the countries and people of the Middle East have constantly strengthened themselves through unity, strived to advance development and revitalization, actively advocated inter-civilization exchanges, and stayed committed to defending fairness and justice, and serve as an important force in a multi-polar world. On the other hand, the Middle East situation is still faced with prominent uncertainties and instability. Regional hotspot issues keep emerging and turbulence are in some countries. External interference remains an important factor undermining regional security and stability and affecting enduring peace and security in the region.

Qin Gang said that China advocates that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries in the region should be respected; countries in the region should be encouraged to seek solutions to hotspot issues that conform to the regional realities, accommodate the interests of all parties and are accepted by all parties through dialogue and consultation; it's necessary to call for more development support for countries in the region to help them respond to food and energy security challenges and consolidate the foundation of regional development; and joint efforts should be made to crack down on terrorism in an unwavering way to prevent terrorist and extremist forces from proliferating by taking advantage of chaos. China calls on countries outside the region to respect the sovereignty of the Middle East countries and not to interfere in the internal affairs of countries in the region; to practice true multilateralism and not to impose unilateral bullying leading to conflicts; to respect the history, culture and traditions of the Middle East and not to drive a wedge in various civilizations, so as to inject positive energy into security and stability in the Middle East.

Qin Gang noted that China always supports the people of the Middle East in independently exploring a development path and supports the Middle East countries in solving regional security issues through solidarity and collaboration; works closely with the Middle East countries to advance Belt and Road cooperation, implements the Global Development Initiative and jointly pursues development and revitalization; practices the Global Security Initiative, and advocates building a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security architecture in the Middle East, contributing China's wisdom and solutions to promoting the political settlement of regional hotspot issues; and actively conducts inter-civilization exchanges with the Middle East countries to jointly safeguard diverse civilizations in the world.

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