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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNITAMS

2023-11-16 20:55

Dear Colleagues

I thank Assistant Secretary-General Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee for her briefing. I welcome the Permanent Representative of Sudan to this meeting.

China is deeply saddened by the continued conflict in Sudan, which has exacerbated the suffering of civilians and the humanitarian crisis. China has noted that the two parties to the conflict have returned to negotiations in Jeddah, and welcomes that the parties have reaffirmed their humanitarian commitments and have agreed to take measures to enhance mutual trust. China supports the participation of the African Union and IGAD in the mediation process and welcomes the efforts of regional countries including Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Egypt, and Chad. Restoring peace and stability in Sudan is the common aspiration of the Sudanese people and the international community at large. China sincerely hopes that the two parties will put the interests of their country and people first, achieve an immediate ceasefire, restore normal order, and work together to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country. 

China likewise is deeply concerned about the worsening humanitarian situation. The ongoing conflict is aggravating the humanitarian crisis. Currently, 25 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. More than 6 million have been displaced. And more than 1.2 million have fled to neighboring countries amid the fighting. China pays tribute to the international humanitarian agencies for their tremendous work and appreciates the substantial assistance provided to the refugees by Sudan's neighbors. China supports the United Nations in continuing to play a coordinating role in humanitarian relief. At present, there is a serious shortage in humanitarian funding in Sudan and its neighbors. The international community, especially the traditional donors, should maintain their assistance so as to prevent the crisis from worsening any further. 

In light of the changing situation on the ground, how the United Nations should have played its dual role is an important question facing the Security Council. China has taken note of the letter by Secretary-General Guterres to the Council, in which he proposed an independent strategic review of UNITAMS. China hopes that the review will be conducted in a way that the views of the Sudanese authorities and regional organizations including the AU and IGAD will be sought and taken on board. The recommendations coming out of this independent review on the future arrangements of UNITAMS should meet the actual needs of Sudan, serve the purpose of promoting the peace process, and be helpful in providing robust support to the country's development. The independent review should, on the one hand, be conducive to cooperation between the UN and Sudan, while avoiding imposing solutions from the outside on the other. China supports Secretary-General Guterres in stepping up his good offices, and supports the United Nations in continuing to play a constructive role on the issue of Sudan.

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