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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in the DPRK

2023-08-17 22:00

Madam President,

China opposes the Council's consideration of the human rights situation in the DPRK. That position is crystal clear.

According to the UN Charter, the primary responsibility of the Council is the maintenance of international peace and security, not addressing human rights issues. The human rights situation in the DPRK does not pose a threat to international peace and security. At present, the international situation is fraught with changes and turmoil and with crises and challenges of all kinds. The world in which we live is facing increasing instability and uncertainty. The Council should focus on fulfilling its responsibility under the Charter, strive to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes and the resolution of geopolitical confrontations, and deal with major and urgent issues that threaten international peace and security.

For some time now, the situation on the peninsula has remained tense and confrontation has intensified. All parties should exercise calm and restraint, do more for peace and stability, and refrain from mutual provocation and escalatory words and deeds. At this complex and sensitive time, the Council should play a constructive role in resuming talk and easing tensions. Pushing the Council to consider the human rights situation in the DPRK will not help ease, but escalate the situation. It is irresponsible and nonconstructive, and an abuse of the Council’s power. If the relevant country is really concerned about the regional peace and stability and the well-being of people in the DPRK, it should take concrete actions and make concrete proposals to promote mutual trust and resume talk, support the adjustment of the sanctions against the DPRK, especially in the area of people's livelihoods, and immediately lift the unilateral coercive measures that have led to the deterioration of human rights situation in the country.

The question of the peninsula, as a remnant of the Cold War, has protracted until today. It is essentially a political and security issue. The hype on the human rights issue of the DPRK in the forum of the Security Council, in an attempt to divert attention, shirk responsibility, and exert pressure, will only do harm rather than help resolve the issue. What the relevant country should really do is to show political will and take practical actions to respond to reasonable concerns of the DPRK and create conditions for the resumption of talk.

In conclusion, I wish to reiterate that China is always committed to the maintenance of peace and stability, denuclearization, and the resolution through dialogue and consultation on Peninsula. We are ready to continue to play a constructive role in promoting a political solution to the question of the peninsula and the realization of long-lasting peace and stability in Northeast Asia.

Thank you.

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